My Jadeite keycaps have arrived after about 18 months of waiting, finally completing my COVID-extended build of the wireless Keychron K6 I use with my iPad.

[Lovely review] of The Public Domain Review in new issue of the Times Literary Supplement today

All Night Radio was absolutely one of my favorite SXSW live surprises (and records) of the early aughts. Raven Sings the Blues has a nice writeup on the occasion of a small reissue.

“The Desert Is Paper Thin” by Corntuth is countrified ambient and probably my favorite thing I picked up on the last Bandcamp Friday. Now there’s a crowdfund campaign for a vinyl release.

Last morning run in the Kempen for the summer before heading back to Ohio for the school year.

Really excited by both the lovely presentation and the contents of Rob Weychert’s Plus Equals algorithmic art zine.

Sunday morning long run for 16 miles through the Flemish farmland followed by some Dutch-Tex-Mex smoked mackerel and egg breakfast tacos on homemade tortillas (which I’d intended to photograph, but forgot).

Ran into some early-20s dudes walking back from town to their campsite while finishing up my sunrise run this morning. Got challenged to some head-to-head sprints. Beat all of them. Good signs for starting my proper marathon training regimen this week.

Excited about the new Notes feature in BBEdit 14. The three things I use BBEdit for are opening multi-MB text files anything else would choke on, testing regex with Pattern Playgrounds, and opening dozens of ephemeral text files I never intend to save.

Our 2020 installment on Local Memory, a public history project on music in Austin, is The Wild Side of Life: The Rise of the Honky Tonks, 1940-1950

Thankful to take my son to see the protestors on High St. to give him something real in which to ground our conversations about this. Sorry it hasn’t felt safe to participate more. Hoping for justice for killer cops and peace for our Black neighbors.

Pretty into this little guy from a 15th century Italian herbal, a collection of images from which we published today.

More than 17% of the Wikipedia entry on PrimeCo, once the largest wireless phone service in the U.S., addresses itself to the line “switched from Motorola to a PrimeCo phone” in Lil’ Troy’s “Wanna Be a Baller.” As it should.

The Backlist archive is just small enough to make dead-stupid hand-formatted HTML (with some light automated templating) the simplest way to build it out. Old-fashioned and soothing.

Finished first from some of our wax print stockpile, some quilt batting, and a variation on the straps using paracord.

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