Finished first from some of our wax print stockpile, some quilt batting, and a variation on the straps using paracord.

Joshua Smith makes 1:20 scale miniatures of real buildings like this Discolandia storefront in San Francisco.

Gave up on going back to sleep. Listening to Emily A. Sprague’s new Hill, Flower, Fog. Very calming.

I’m into miniatures, fiber art, and cooking, so these videos are right up my alley.

Tomorrow, Friday March 20, Bandcamp is waving their cut on all sales to help support artists who are having to cancel performances.

Confronting mortality by finally cataloging and organizing all of the books I will never have time to read on the basement bookshelves.

Very happy that I don’t have to choose between voting and potentially bringing the infection into my house with my kid today. Also nervous about the potential for this precedent to be abused in the general election.

I have a lot of Astral Spirits stuff. A lot of diverse, compelling material and great art direction on the packaging. Good Austin.

Binned Art is an interesting concept: anonymous sales allow artists to recoup costs and clear space while providing the opportunity to own original artworks to a broader audience.

I miss the in-store bakery flour tortillas from H-E-B so much. (My homemade ones are only a little better, but/and so much more work…)

Honorable mention to in-store bakery corn tortillas from Fiesta.

Revisiting Harmony Korine. Had forgotten the opening to Mister Lonely.

Austin Kleon on using your books as time capsules. I try to do a similar thing by using postcards, ticket stubs, restaurant cards, etc. as bookmarks and leaving them in the book when I finish.

Michael found some Billboard magazine surveys that show UT-Austin as one of the most active destinations nationally for big band touring in the Swing era.

Sahel Sounds will be releasing an EP each month in 2020 for a “Music from Saharan WhatsApp” series. Each one will be recorded on a cellphone and transmitted over WhatsApp to be available on Bandcamp for one month.

The first installment is from Agadez guitar band Etran de L’Aïr.

Interesting recent episode of Afropop Worldwide on the power dynamics involved in vinyl reissues of African music, particularly on the way that Western tastes shape what has been saved.

Some of the “outsider pedal steel” referenced here is new to me and I’m interested to check it out. Drag that Ricky wasn’t named and given credit for a broader influence across the Phosphorescent output. Also, don’t sleep on Gary Newcomb playing with Lil’ Cap’n Travis.

Looking forward to get the hardcopy of Issue #0 of new code::art journal.

PDF version is freely downloadable, and there’s some interesting stuff in here.

We brought this guy, Antonio, home yesterday to start the new year.

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