If I were part of a worker coop, I'd support making it so we paid everyone we interviewed for their time whether we hired them or not

Job hunting is demoralizing. I would feel a lot more valued if someone said "hey here's $100 for your time. You're great but we went with someone else. You'll find something great soon. Keep at it."

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@interneteh Great idea. I work at a pretty big coop, where some of us are still trying to pay for interns introduced. It being a coop does not mean that all members automatically see the importance of this.

I heared that some companies offer to pay for the travel to the job interview. Not sure how common that is.


that would have been everything to me when i was job hunting. literally a game changer on my attitude about it

@interneteh I'd appreciate a $20 gift card to fuckin best buy, shit... anything.

@Moss one of my wife's work friends got us a Red Robin gift card and we all went out to dinner on it. It's the only non home cooked meal we've had in like 3 months

@interneteh yeah it doesn't take a lot (in the business sense) to make someone's whole month

@Moss the thing is: worker solidarity not allowed.

@interneteh I appreciate at least not losing money when I might be tight, by being able to expense travel etc., not everybody does that yet. What you propose is interesting.

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