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Hey, hi, hello! It's 2020 and I'm Conlin!

I love talking about:
- Software Engineering
- Libertarian Socialism
- Feminism
- LGBTQ+ Rights
- Unions (Proud Wobbly here)
- Worker Co-ops
- Learning new things
- Animals!
- Cooking
- Environmentalism
- Music

& so, so much more.

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I am the Kool-Aid stains on the mouth of a kid
Whose name is most likely Cody

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Have as much fun as you would like
While helping others have as much fun as you're having

Hello friends! I just wanted to update you that I'll be moving (back) to now that SBC is shutting down. For some reason I can't transfer my account to there, so I thought I would send a message!

My account is now at @wuz.

Since you are following me here, I thought you might want to continue following me there.
See you soon.

Ah shit. Well it's been real SBC. Maybe now I'll just start up my own personal instance. Bouncing around has got me a bit frazzled. I'll ping you lot when I'm somewhere else. Until then - so long, partners.

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But when your Hustler subscription and your Xanax prescriptions make you feel lonelier instead
You don't want to hear about all those starving children

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So... I'm gonna call that an "end" to the observations.

It took seven months between a white person siding with "help educate white people" over "protect marginalized people" and that same white person repeating the same bigotry they were once advocating against.

There's a lot that could be extrapolated here, but it boils down to "are white allies a better advocate against bigotry than those who experience bigotry" and now the answer is provably "hahaha no of course not" 5/5

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Hey I want more of y'all to see this than just the boost that probably went by quick:

@silverspookgames - awesome person btw - had a conversation with DJ NDN about "re-indigenization"

I'm only a few minutes in but I'm nodding along real hard.

"This impending apocalypse is just for white people."

(after talking about how the Anishinaabee are in their "Mad Max... apocalypse")

Public transit is really fucking cool.

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Leave it somewhere, central Phoenix
Where no security guards will dare try to protect it

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re: Best use of an example ever, "the yoghurt book" 

@scottishwobbly This is essentially the same thing as the Bullshit Jobs angle, and it's one of the most compelling arguments against capital tbh. Imagine how much less work we'd all have to do without so much bullshit

Like making public transit free, so you don't need to build and maintain turnstiles and cameras and gates and bus pass scanners and don't have to hire and pay transit cops

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"Once the world of capital unravels, the yoghurt will be better and a thousand times less time-consuming for the human community. "

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Best use of an example ever, "the yoghurt book" 

" In the movement that brings yoghurt into a refrigerator, there must first of all be cows and a dairy, but there must also be hundreds of people to design the pot and packaging, to find the colouring, to check the taste, to launch the TV advertising; there must be technicians, people to print the packaging, to stick posters to publicity notice boards, and people who transport the jars of yoghurt, put them in the right place on supermarket shelves, stop anyone from trying to steal them; there must be cashiers and manufacturers of cash registers. Let us turn the facts around: the world of yoghurt jars does not make thousands of people live; it forces them into meaningless lives. Hundreds of thousands of hours will be set free when we have large dairies from which jars leave without a label and without colouring. Once the world of capital unravels, the yoghurt will be better and a thousand times less time-consuming for the human community."

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Shoot him again 'cause I can see his soul dancing
Shoot him again 'cause I can see his soul dancing

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We knew they've been authorized to do it and now we have footage: Canadian federal police aiming rifles at the Wet'suwet'en land defenders

"Just using the scope"

1) Binoculars exist, but if you can't afford those,
2) You don't have any scopes not attached to rifles laying around? Really?

When do we stop calling police police and start calling them the domestic branch of the imperial military complex?

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re: the necessity of work in a post-capitalist society, i think it's important to note there's a huge difference between labour and work and between 'having' to do something because it's necessary or because it's good for your quality of life, and 'having' to do something because your capitalist overlords will starve you otherwise

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His laziness built the pyramids and his solitude was a knife
The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight

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"as the electoral campaigns for winning the seat of President of the United States become more active, I think I need to speak against our society's tendency to focus social change around politics...

"people are choosing not to feed their neighbor or migrate toward sustainable energy, explicitly because folk would rather seek a political solution..."

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Hammers are red
Sickles are, too
I want to tear down
The system with you

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