This morning I'm trying to use milk to try to repair the awesome mug I bought at the coast that formed a hairline crack when I used it the first time. Apparently when you heat milk, a protein called casein develops into a kind of natural glue and penetrates into cracks. The original Elmer's glue formula was made from milk casein.

I immersed the cracked part of the mug inside and out with milk and left it on the stovetop on low for roughly an hour. Now I'm letting it cool. I think I read that the cure time is 24 hours.

@interneteh you can still see the crack. it's kinda T-shaped, but upside down. I'm gonna let it dry out and try making tea again tomorrow

@checkervest I'll report back and see if it (literally) holds water

@interneteh when I worked in a door factory, the glue was still casein based. But I never thought of using milk for repairs! Neat

@ziggurat this just makes me think of the last scenes in Monsters Inc

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