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"I want to first question whether trans-exclusionary feminists are really the mainstream feminists. If you are right to identify the one with the other, then a feminist position opposing transphobia is a marginal position. I think this may be wrong. My wager is that most feminists support trans rights and oppose all forms of transphobia. So I find it worrisome that suddenly the trans-exclusionary radical feminist position is understood as commonly accepted or even mainstream. I think it is actually a fringe movement that is seeking to speak in the name of the mainstream, and that our responsbility is to refuse to let that happen."

February 1915 issue of the journal Mother Earth, founded by Emma Goldman in 1906.

"The Gunman -- On guard to see that property remains stolen."

via Libcom.org

This is Ursula Le Guin's writing desk at her home in Berkeley, CA.
These pictures have emerged as the house is for sale in a real estate listing.

(this address is correct, if it doesn't work due to site restrictions, copy the url and paste it in a new browser tab)

Real estate listing with many more pictures:

I would like to know who are the cop apologists who hang out in the fediverse so that I can unfollow and block them. @jeroenpraat

This shouldn't be possible.

AR-Cutpaste "copies" objects from around you in reality, using your phone camera, and "pastes" them on your graphic design.

Sometimes, every now and then software really feels like magic. Really clever.

Watch the video.

Source code on github:

My childhood friend / childhood business partner has just sent me this book he found among old stuff.
That's how we both started. We used to recite this by memory much in the same way "normal" people used to recite the bible.

French Revolution 2.0 

They're not messing around in France.

Rough translation:
"Louis XVI: We decapitated him.
Macron, this could be starting again."

This is how fascism works, with tech corporations colluding against the public interest. The astonishing leaks can't merely be coincidental, nobody really has such deficient security standards. Assume they read everything that's not encrypted.

We have a problem and we need to get it sorted.

What's one of the most popular homepages in the world if not the most popular? Never mind you're a huge corporation with billions at your disposal, if it contains HTML (i.e. Javascrpit) you can't really secure it.

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