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Judith Butler, via

"I want to first question whether trans-exclusionary feminists are really the mainstream feminists. If you are right to identify the one with the other, then a feminist position opposing transphobia is a marginal position. I think this may be wrong. My wager is that most feminists support trans rights and oppose all forms of transphobia. So I find it worrisome that suddenly the trans-exclusionary radical feminist position is understood as commonly accepted or even mainstream. I think it is actually a fringe movement that is seeking to speak in the name of the mainstream, and that our responsbility is to refuse to let that happen."

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February 1915 issue of the journal Mother Earth, founded by Emma Goldman in 1906.

"The Gunman -- On guard to see that property remains stolen."

via Libcom.org

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I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.
-- Malcolm X

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I don't understand the perceived superiority of higher brow engineering when extolling the virtues of things like S-expressions.

There's nothing inherently superior about a specific form of notation, or text representation of abstract ideas.

Trees are trees.

All the S-expression-as-superior-applied-science garbage is just cultural affectation, not unlike the high brow treatment of classical music as described by Adam Neely here:

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You can also follow these posts as a daily blog at pluralistic.net: no ads, trackers, or data-collection!

Here's today's edition: pluralistic.net/2020/09/12/wha


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@makeworld I mean, if you want to keep a reasonable video frame rate/kbps audio rate that is acceptable for synchronous human communication.


@makeworld Messaging is very different from real time communications.

WebRTC leaks are notoriously difficult to contain. It would have to be a hardened implementation that takes care of all the negotiation via a secure channel, and then routes packets around as to not disclose the origin and destination of a given communication.

You may be already familiar with WebRTC I assume, but hardening it for privacy is orders of magnitude harder than doing the same for a messaging service.


@kawaiipunk I want to believe they're not using plain WebRTC for that.

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Today in "Cyberpunk is a warning, not a suggestion" news, Amazon has released a landlord edition of its Alexa surveillance speaker that can be forced upon tenants.


Here's Amazon's pitch: Landlord Alexa "makes it easy for property managers to set up and manage Alexa-powered smart home experiences throughout their buildings."

Satire is dead. Poe's Law rules all.


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uspol, facebook, violence 

Facebook must die.

"Trump and Zuckerberg pal Peter Thiel met with white nationalists. One viewed him as "our George Soros."


@rick_777 Well, it's funny because it's all true.

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:peertube: PeerTube 2.4 renforce ses outils de modération - nextinpact.com/lebrief/43613/p

> Le logiciel, permettant de créer des instances décentralisées d’hébergement de vidéos, continue sur sa feuille de route sans faiblir. Après une mouture 2.3 mi-juillet, la 2.4 est déjà là.


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