Celebrating some gardening progress - the garden in 2020 before I tore out the ivy and pulled up the weed suppressant membrane, versus the garden now.

May have overdone it with the mycorrhizal spores in the

Brine pickled cherry tomatoes with chilli and garlic cloves. Everything but the salt water was out of my garden. Also home grown chilli and garlic oil :)

The aforementioned seedlings, waiting for May, when they can go out in the garden

Free propagator; one mushroom carton stood on top of the other. I melted holes in the top one with a heated skewer.

Does anyone know what this is? Unfortunately, I don't think it's chickweed. The flower seems to have rounder, fewer petals, and the leaves are more serrated

Does anyone know what this is, growing wild in my lawn? It looks a bit like chickweed but I don't think it is.

Planted wild garlic/Ramson bulbs today - scattered through all the different areas of various degrees of shade in the garden in the hopes that they find one they can be happy in. Fingers crossed they establish *somewhere*.

Also found my first bee of the year, happily foraging around the lungwort.

Things are waking up in the garden. Found this lovely violet in the lawn

Surprised to see the lungwort is flowering already!

I had to tear out by hand a pyrocantha bush which was also growing on top of the weed suppressant membrane. Now I need to go back and clear a space where I can replant it in actual soil.

On the positive side, my apricot tree is blooming! ,

Made some mini greenhouses from 5L vinegar bottles, according to Kevin Lee Jacobs 'winter sowing 101' technique. They're jammed in between a log and the wall atm because we're having high winds rn.

Continuing to chip the pile of ivy and cleared brush, I discovered four garden chairs under it! Maybe I can paint them and put them back to use.

My worms arrived! The wet newspaper was recommended to start them off on, and I should be able to start feeding them kitchen waste in a couple of days :)

Let's try this. Maybe I tried to do that too late too...

Worm tower is a go! First I drilled and smoothed the holes as per these instructions milkwood.net/2010/10/12/how-to

Then buried it in the raised bed with 20 cm standing free - which I covered with a plant pot.

Now to source some newspaper for worm food, and also some compost worms.

Angelsea Abbey festival of winter was like entering fairyland

Documenting the progress of the garden. This is already an improvement. It didn't have the raised bed or the apricot tree in a pot before last year. In fact I've put five fruit trees in (2 in pots).

Spent this morning putting up wires for climbing plants. Ran out of wire.

That big bush in the front is taking up space in the sunniest spot, so I'm going to transplant it in favour of a couple of blueberry bushes.

Actual soil becoming visible as my campaign against the ivy reaches ground level. All of that stuff that looks like straw is actually ivy runners and roots. Nothing else has grown here for decades. But that's about to change :_earth:

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