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Medieval charm to keep your bees safe 

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Seattle/Eastside trans-safe housing sought 

It's all getting very good life. Picked the last tomatoes while waiting for my milk to cool down enough to make yoghurt.

Any one know any good green tomato recipes?

OMG. OMG. You know the wind's against you when you have to pedal hard, on power assist, in order to get downhill.

Positives of the bike riding -

the dodgy knees seem to be getting better.
I'm getting exercise
I'm saving money
I'm saving the environment

Negatives of the bike riding -

Oh God, I'm so tired!

Me struggling up the cycle-path into the worst head-wind yet: "OMG I detest cycling!"

Me cruising past rush hour traffic looking smug: "I F'ing LOVE my bike."

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One thing I greatly appreciate about Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha's work is that she reminds us that people who are unlikable or unfriendly or grumpy and also disabled don't not deserve care just because they aren't popular enough to have strong networks of support.

Relying on personal networks, friendships, and essentially popularity/likeability is not sufficient for everyone.

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I'm trying to get as many native/indigenous collaborators for music / art as possible, regardless of distance or region.

Let's make beautiful things in the face of all the horror.

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Article about car-free zones (here called superblocks) in Barcelona.

"When the first superblock was introduced in 2017 in Poblenou, in the north of the city, it was met with opposition by car owners and also those who claimed it would be ruinous to local business."


It's a follow up of

Right. I have dug wildflower seed into the bald patches in my lawn, digging some scattered grass seed in in the process. I guess I won't find out what happens now until the spring, but fingers crossed :)

Which is frankly kind of peculiar-tasting.

Also the wild strawberries in our lawn yielded enough tiny berries to turn into wild strawberry frozen yoghurt :_earth:

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Also the electric bike is already paying for itself. I ride past so many blackberries that no one else is picking. I'm going to have fruit for breakfast for the year.

For my first year of trying to garden, I'm happy with the results.

Ate my first home grown potatoes today, and OK, they were the size of marbles but they tasted great with my home grown mushrooms. I've had at least three courgettes (more on the plant but they seem to have stopped growing.) I've had green tomatoes - and more on the bush - which I discovered you could fry and eat like red ones.

I've had a couple of handfuls of blueberries, and so many plums! So many plums! My beetroots gave me no roots, but they did give salad leaves...

On the whole it's a good start.

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Which I guess is my version of "the perfect is the enemy of the real."

One important thing I learned while looking after my (difficult) dad through his dementia was that if you try to do more than you truly can do, you will end up doing less than if you take your own capabilities into account.

Sometimes you've got to do less to do more :_earth:

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