Brine pickled cherry tomatoes with chilli and garlic cloves. Everything but the salt water was out of my garden. Also home grown chilli and garlic oil :)

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The aforementioned seedlings, waiting for May, when they can go out in the garden

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honey the toaster has become sentient what do we do in this situation

My squash seedlings were wilting in the unseasonable heat, so I fed them some of the compost tea told me how to make, and I have never seen anything like the recovery. Wow! Happy plants :)

That stuff looks and smells despicable but it just goes to show that you really can't judge by appearances ;)

Free propagator; one mushroom carton stood on top of the other. I melted holes in the top one with a heated skewer.

Does anyone know what this is? Unfortunately, I don't think it's chickweed. The flower seems to have rounder, fewer petals, and the leaves are more serrated

Does anyone know what this is, growing wild in my lawn? It looks a bit like chickweed but I don't think it is.

Planted wild garlic/Ramson bulbs today - scattered through all the different areas of various degrees of shade in the garden in the hopes that they find one they can be happy in. Fingers crossed they establish *somewhere*.

Also found my first bee of the year, happily foraging around the lungwort.

Things are waking up in the garden. Found this lovely violet in the lawn

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This morning, a NASA hero passed away at the age of 101.

We honor Katherine Johnson's pioneering spirit and incredible contributions to science and spaceflight. Her dedication and skill as a mathematician helped put humans on the Moon. 

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walk up in the club like

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Surprised to see the lungwort is flowering already!

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It’s only sarcasm if it comes from a valley in the Sar region of France.

Everything else is snarkeling whine.

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Added Mongoose Publishing to Libreture's list of DRM-free Bookshops!

A fantastic UK roleplaying game publisher. A great place to buy Traveller, Sea of Thieves RPG, Paranoia, Legend, and many more game books.

And DRM-free, so yours to own and read on all your favourite devices.

#books #ebooks #drmfree #rpg

I had to tear out by hand a pyrocantha bush which was also growing on top of the weed suppressant membrane. Now I need to go back and clear a space where I can replant it in actual soil.

On the positive side, my apricot tree is blooming! ,

OMG my back! So, I am now pulling ivy out of the ground down the side passage, because there's a lot of good planting space down there, and it turns out that the 50cm deep tangled mass of ivy roots covering the ground is growing ON TOP OF (and through) a layer of weed suppressant membrane.

I only went out to plant a hazelnut tree and now my spine aches. Who needs pilates or weightlifting? When this passage is fully plantable again, my core strength is going to be off the charts. ,

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Officially the beginning of growing season for me...
1. Malabar spinach seedlings from seed i ... 'borrowed' from a botanical garden
2. Tomato seedlings (4 different lines) for grafting onto potato rootstock (trying to make a pomato)
3. Klip dagga mutant that has leaves in triples, not pairs (forgot how the mutation is called), i will be trying to preserve the genetics

Cauliflower is next...

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Today's gender is the sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot.

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