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Some pages I follow that may be interesting for you:

@benjancewicz – a lot of exciting pictures


@Lakshmi_sreeni – Queer affirmative therapist

@closeuprussia – Visualizing #Russia (#photo)

@libreture – a nice service for readers (#books)

@OpenCulture – a lot of interesting content

Very short science fiction/fantasy stories by O. Westin #microfiction



Also you can recommend me other pages :)

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pink is the most punk color, because that's a typo i just made

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A ton of great praxis can come from just taking a step back and realizing the economy is fake. Everyone has stuff they don't need, and often the people who need that stuff are right next door. And there's always work to be done and people who need work to do. Those things just don't ever connect because they don't have enough green paper to give each other

Timebanking, bartering, community-controlled currency, sharing spaces, or even something as simple as encouraging neighbors to *talk* to each other about what they need and what they can offer, can all dramatically change the quality of life in poor communities - not just after a crash, but at any time

Made some furoshiki from factory off cuts. Am now a total convert. No sellotape needed, and it's so much easier. Plus recipients can use them again for their own gift giving.

Just found out about , so that's what I'm doing for Christmas wrapping this year. I have a bunch of off-cut material which I can hem, and innumerable scarves.

That should be even more eco-friendly than the brown paper I was going to use, and people get to either keep the wrapping to use for their own presents next year, wear as a scarf, or give it back to me to use again. Win, win :)

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Here we go. More of a Christmas tripod really, made of three morris sticks, our Green Man's head-dress and two other wreaths that I made specially.

(Which will be going to members of the side for their doors once the tree comes down again in a week.)

The rustic look is deliberate!

Put up the Christmas tree for our morris side in the church's Christmas tree forest. It's more of a Christmas tripod tbh. I made three wreaths - a big medium and small one - and then supported them on three morris sticks lashed together in a tripod arrangement. Of course I forgot to take my phone, so I have no pictures :(

"How do you keep coming up with these ideas?" I was asked - since we've done something different for 5 years now.

"I don't know," I said, and then came home and immediately had an idea for what to do next year.

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I know I retooted it earlier but I've gotta make my own post because fuck yeah #OpenSource #SewingPatterns


#sewingpattern #sewing

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meet me in horse church where every member of the congregation gets two of those little kneeling pillows instead of one because of all the extra horse knees

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@GwenfarsGarden Wow! Inspiring! I always wondered about that whole churchillian "left when young, right when old" thing.

Further proof that 'boomer' is a voluntary mind-set, not an age range.

🖤 🖤 🖤

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liquid plant feed. We have chopped up the leaves & branches from the plant & have placed them in this old bokashi bin. A heavy rock is on top to hold the foliage down, then I added water until it was just covering the plant material.

The lid is now on the bin and in 3-6 weeks I'll have my homemade liquid plant feed. A couple of notes:

1. Make sure you use kitchen gloves from now on when handling the liquid. Comfrey liquid stinks & if you get it on your hands/skin it will take ages to wash off. Honestly, don't get it on your skin.
2. For using on plants, it's quite concentrated, so use 15 parts water to 1 part comfrey.
3. Comfrey contains N & K, that is, nitrogen and potassium (potash). Because it has very deep roots, it also contains trace minerals.
4. You can also use the leaves as a mulch
5. The cultivar I grow is Symphytum 'Bocking 14', which doesn't self-seed everywhere.
6. Useful article on history, uses, benefits

Have managed to get a 'rotational vertigo' virus, which is hampering my quest to pull up all the ivy on the west side of the garden.

By winter's end, I want to have at least upgraded the garden from 'absolute wasteland' to 'blank slate' status. But it can probably wait a week or so while I learn to stand up straight again.

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When I was in my 20s and got into general lefty activism, I kept being told by older people that I'd change my mind when I got older and I'd become more conservative.

I've only just realised, this was all about them and nothing about me. They gave in, they stopped fighting, and they became more conservative, because it was easier. They were bought-off by capitalism. They were talking about themselves.

Anyway, now I'm 52, and I'm an .

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stop putting your myers briggs type everywhere all it does is remind me that it says im the manic pixie dream girl one and then i have to kick over a bin

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Similarly, consent doesn’t make the ‘terms of service’ of facebook less shitty. A medical consent form doesn’t mean the conditions that made us sign that consent form weren’t shitty. And a romantic or sexual relationship where there is consent can still involve intense power imbalances and can still be abusive.

Consent isn’t a magic fix.There are questions beyond consent like: what were the available options? what options were missing? what’s the context? and very importantly: who holds power?

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"...The Wild Heart of India includes some of the finest writing on nature and ecology..."

Amrita Dutta writes about our conversation on my recent books... The Wild Heart of India (OUP 2019) and Pillars of Life (Divya Mudappa and myself with artists Nirupa Rao and Sartaj Ghuman, NCF 2018)
#writing #India #books

How to Bring Back a Forest | The Indian Express

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