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Went to the Mexico City Coop expo.

Bought some seeds and aguamiel.

Then went to Chapata Vive (coop cafe) and ordered a Chapata and a Pensil (Coop) beer.

Really great stuff. <3

State Violence, Massacre, 2nd of October / Tlatelolco Massacre 

In about a month it is going to be the 50th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Student Massacre in Mexico City, Mexico.

It happened 10 days before the 12th of October Olympic Games in Mexico City

It is also simultaneously the game where the famous Black Salute happened.

I would really appreciate it if you learned about it because it is still an open wound in Mexico.

Hello from .

This is a renowned public college in Mexico adjacent to one of the few natural reserves of the city and with a 2.5 US cents anual tuition.

EN: Félix from the 68 committee talking about the student movement of '68

50 Years since the Tlatelolco Student Masacre, the 2nd of October won't be forgotten.

ES: Felix del Comité del 68 hablando del movimiento estudiantil del '68

A 50 años de la masacre estudiantil de Tlatelolco, el 2 de octubre no se olvida.

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EN: 2nd National Conference of the New Workers' Central.

Youth, Coops, Feminism and First Nations have the spotlight. Strong stances.

ES: 2da Conferencia Nacional de la Nueva Central de Trabajadores.

Juventudes, Cooperativas, Feminismo y Primeras Naciones tienen primera plana.

This is what modern subways / rail look like it .

The fare is ~25 USD cents anywhere. (5 MXN)

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