Curious. How old are y'all?

> Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password.

A very stable genius president. :P

El MAS-IPSP logra una victoria aún más abrumadora que aquella que le fue robada en 2019. Pero eso no es todo.

No es suficiente vencer #elecciones con la extrema derecha golpista que se instaló en el continente. No van a der un solo día de descanso a Arce. Van a por todo para tumbar su gobierno desde el primer día


No han podido con el fraude porque el resultado es imposible de disfrazar. Si fueran 3 puntos sería otra historia.

No van a descansar. No darán un segundo de tregua. La derecha y su socia de extrema derecha no se importan con la democracia ni elecciones


Jeanine Añez coup d'etat in is so illegitimate that they just lost in a landslide against the party they couped. XD

So, there is some fuzz over at cryptoleftists about . ( )

The TL;DR is as follows:

It is implemented on top of another cryptocurrency with smart contracts. (Not really familiar with this, taking it as a cons.)
Uses a WoT for both issuance (must be verified by three existing members to join like ) and settlement (payment can only be done by chaining trust, like / )
Seems to be a good starting point against sybil/fake ids attacks.

Since credit is limited by trust, there is an incentive to balance income and expenditure like a credit-based / plus the UBI means it could be non-deflationary and incentivize usage rather than savings as in facilitate economic transactions while being an token.


Reboost this post if you aren't afraid to have a picture of the LORD on your profile

98% won't retoot

Does anyone know a good alternative to GitHub/Gitlab but for ?

I love the NYT headline about people "slipping" into poverty. Like WHOOOPS

hot (bad?) take: using specific frameworks / libraries / languages just bc you (your team) like them without any rational justification is underrated. especially with small projects, you can't talk about premature optimizations and at the same time say people should only use certified good frameworks / shouldn't use any at all. if it scales relatively well, doesn't make your code unmaintainable, and users are happy (i. e. the technology in question isn't electron :p), then who cares?

"Lenin's polycule" is what i call the union of soviet socialist republics

“As revolutionaries, we don’t have the right to say we are tired of explaining. We must never stop explaining. We know that when the people understand, they cannot help but follow us.”
— Thomas Sankara

@realcaseyrollins I made this comment on hackernews earlier about the Apple release. It got down to -4 at one point.

¿Porqué no se considera como un país socialista si el lo es y tiene una mayoría legislativa y la presidencia desde hace tiempo?

OSHA closes over half of workers’ coronavirus retaliation complaints without investigating - The Washington Post

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