Hot take: wrote some beautiful stories, and I'm bummed I only got into her right after she died.

If people on the left could support people on the left, we would have a lot more success.

the bank accounts of public officials is a matter of public interest.

all bank accounts of congresspeople and other officials should be able to be FOIA'd

I was reminded by this news story today of when a small IT-consulting company I worked for started a software development project, so hired a new person with very long and advanced career in systems administration direct to the management group.

We were confused by the person didn't understand such simple phrases like "click the start-menu", but we wrote it off to the person having mostly worked with mainframes.
Eventually though, it was revealed that the person was actually a pathological liar with an additional severe sociopath diagnosis, because the person was forcibly committed. Turned out the person had never worked in the computer-industry at all.

Remarkable that it's possible for someone to just bluff others like that. :-O

Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else like #twitter is dying activity-wise (fewer active users, less activity per those who are still active)? I hope it's true. The site and this whole #socialcontrolmedia needs to ebb away.

Balance is like a gyroscope. It's not something to be achieved, but a constant evolution. Adjust as needed.

mesh drains in Australia preventing water bodies pollution

I'd like to direct everyone's attention to, a great anarchist resource for all.

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@socalledunitedstates when I joined sunbeam it was because I saw solarpunk as a movement with the potential of being leftist, but not inherently leftist. I figured the best way of mining that potential was by participating. So, here I am.

five days later, as the air quality index creeps toward 250, i'm no longer feeling so cutesy about this whole situation.

the more i read about climate change and ecological collapse, the more i'm drawn north and away from coasts. give me forests, give me fresh water.

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It's difficult to criticize the failings of positive movements. Those on the right will appropriate your criticisms as a means by which to discredit the movement as a whole; while those on the left (made hypersensitive by the prolonged harassment of the right), might just write you off as a bad person and ignore everything you have to say.

This is obviously not great, and it's a double problem because this weakness of the Left is the greatest strength of reactionaries. They are fundamentally uncritical.

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