Marx: (snaking a tangled mess of capitalism out of your drains) Well here’s your problem right here.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

Sometimes I post content™ and sometimes I don't and that's ok

politics, liberals 

liberals are tripping over each other to congratulate Pelosi for ending the shutdown that airline workers and flight attendants ended. They're saying Trump and Pence (?!) are gonna resign in disgrace. I've got money on it. if Trump stepped down and Pence stepped in, Pelosi herself would say something like "finally, normal has been restored"

If you're on and worried that you will lose followers if you migrate to a different instance:

When other instances block, you will definitely lose followers.

@punky A variety of reasons, including a lot of harassment from m.s users hitting other instances, a lack of moderation on m.s to deal with issues (m.s basically only has one active mod and can only do so much alone), the fact that they refuse to close registration and keep growing in spite of their lack of moderation... these are just a few.

My instance has m.s silenced and let me tell you, my federated timeline is so much better for it.

everyone should read about the lucas plan, and how a group of workers briefly took control to produce technology for the common good

Reminder that it's a moral imperative for other countries to break US pharma patents.

learning to program is stressful lmao 

i feel like learning programming languages is just an exercise in slowly tearing your hair out over a minor issue that's ruining your program until you realize its because of one tiny mess up in a really innocuous spot

"there's no way i could mess up making something equal something else, i don't need to re-read that part that carefully"

lol nope.

I have no excuse. I bought a big thing of planting soil locally and have some plants ready to be repotted or prepped for root growing. My smol motivated moment has damned my procrastination. Well played self.

#opensource software became very common. Meanwhile patents are still used to gain more control over our basic needs such as #food.

There's an initative in #germany wanting to change that:

- Fight market concentration in the seed sector
- Promote food security through diversity
- Restore crop seeds as #commons
- Seed must be utilised freely
- Use open-source licensing against patents and variety protection

#patent #seeds

Men's self-image, body stuff (-,+) 

Men's mental health is so important!!!! Supporting each other and telling your boys that they look good can move mountains of internalized shame and self-loathing!!! It is not weak to tell your bros you feel fat or ugly or anything like that. It's strong and I support and love you.

Hey Sunbeam and other cities! Today is the our first . Share with us a recipe of any type: cooking, baking, crafting, insurrection, or otherwise :flow:

Nazi violence, self defense 

@interneteh all the freeze peach bullshit is done. Now they're just looking to scare, hurt and kill people.

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Nazi violence, self defense 

I used to feel silly keeping a baseball bat in my car, but this week PNW fash posted videos of the machetes and bats they keep in their vehicles. They were out and about targeting DSA, IWW, women's Marchers and union activists.

Good afternoon 💚 I hope you're having a nice Sunday, and that your life is full of lovely things.

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