if you're white and you use the internet, you have a duty to ensure that the spaces you are in are not a safe space for white supremacists. no, "oh but I like this person and they've never done anything in MY group" -- listen to us. listen to what we have to say. report people to the mods or if it's an ongoing problem, *leave the fucking group and let people know why you're leaving*.

make mods explain their decisions. make it uncomfortable. make it weird.

it's the LEAST you can do.

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HOY│ Grupos fascistas atacan cobardemente a fotógrafa con gas pimienta mientras graba, mientras los #PacosSinGloria los protegen, dejan atacar a manifestantes y transeúntes.

Vía @_photography_dark_@twitter.com

on fascism 

What's interesting is that the political and media establishment will so consistently ignore and de-platform the warnings from left wing voices warning of the threat of fascism because they are so afraid of the left's critique of the economic status qou.

Then they have the audacity to act shocked when fascist violence happens.

RT @jelani9@twitter.com

Before anyone calls this unprecedented please don’t. White supremacists have attempted to (and succeeded in) overthrowing elections previously. Especially when they believe black people have too much political power. Start with the Wilmington coup in 1898. zinnedproject.org/news/tdih/wi

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jelani9/status/134

I love the narrative that democracy is an american value when your government overthrew mine and installed a military dictatorship that disappeared tens of thousands of people, biden, literally suck my ass

Frankly I've been pretty quiet because I'm tired of being called an alarmist but Trump's increasingly pathetic chicken coup aside - please note that Capital Hill police, who have no problem clubbing folks on social security and dragging the disabled out like sacks of potatoes to defend corporate power, have no interest in stopping pasty fascist vandals smashing shit and disrupting the legislature.

This coup is bullshit, but cracker supremacy lives on unhindered.

Recently found out that lemons are a hybrid between citron and sour orange, and aren't found in the wild. Turns out that life never gave us lemons, we invented them.

Here in Mexico the first non-test vaccines are being administered by the state to medical personnel only. (Pfizer / BioNTech)

Some petit-bourgeoisie started the following bad take: "We have a right to buy the vaccine" and I can't even; Some peak neoliberalim during pandemics right there. (Referring to those early shipments intended for medical personnel)

Here is all the discourse around it on birdsite (spanish): twitter.com/search?q=derecho%2

All I do on the computer is configure my computer

What am I doing

I wish I felt safe riding a bike to work.

Drivers hate cyclists here. Actually hate them though and I found out the hard way. I used to bike to work but had a few coffee cups thrown at me from car windows and was knocked off my bike on more than one occasion, once by someone clipping me with a wing mirror.

Thats why I drive now? I don’t want to be killed.

Experimental RISC-V chip delivers 5GHz with only 1 Watt of power at 1.1V | ZDNet 


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A survey of left accelerationism by Acid Horizon.

Covers several texts including Grundrisse, Capitalist Realism, Terminator vs Avatar and many other great texts


FOSS cold take 

While I'd much rather a corporation use a permissive license than close the entire source of their code, permissive licences also suck and it's copyleft or bust, every time I have to choose.

There's a reason it's the cornerstone and that's transparency and accountability but, more than anything, it's the ability to iterate away from corporations or conglomerates or larger powers, to not silo information and aid and self-assistance.

Detroit #bikeshare workers build a #union.

"In the summer, MoGo workers had finally had enough and we began to organize our union. Through #LaborNotes, we reached out to the Transport Workers (#TWU), who had already organized bikeshare workers in New York, Washington, D.C., and half a dozen other cities."


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