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#OtD 14 Jul 1789, the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, a notorious prison and a symbol of power and the old order. This marked the first victory in the French Revolution. libcom.org/library/chapter-12-

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@makeworld then the next probable cause from my experience could be DRM/video drivers.

Are you using integrated graphics or a dedicated gpu to drive the display? If it is nvidia are you using the drivers with modsetting?

@makeworld 20s from suspend sounds more like 20s from hibernation and not suspend:

> Suspend does not turn off your computer. It puts the computer and all peripherals on a low power consumption mode. If the battery runs out or the computer turns off for some reason, the current session and unsaved changes will be lost.

> Hibernate saves the state of your computer to the hard disk and completely powers off. When resuming, the saved state is restored to RAM.

From: askubuntu.com/a/3370

Been watching videos of discipline vs control societies and got me wondering.

Has anyone tried to unify both control societies and socialism/communism struggle?

Cybercommunism is definitely such a union but it seems more of an ideal than a praxis.

Got a zojirushi rice cooker and first thing I used it for were oatmeals.

Got to say this is some serious gourmet shit. 🤯

Anyone else play the board game?

It's kind of sweet. It tells the story of how the world as a whole comes together to eradicate a virus.

/checks news headlines, shakes head.

Web developers: take a moment to turn off javascript on your websites. If it can't be used at all--especially if the user is confronted with a blank screen--without js support, fix it. It's a bad website. #xp

Is the opposite of movement "movenen't" 🤔

I made a #mastodon account for my #opensource app @novelwriter 😊

It is a writing app for novels, written in Python and Qt5. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and on #macOS

Instead of reducing dependencies, we went pokemon with libraries: gotta catch 'em all.

This reduces digital shelf life a lot because anything that works now will NOT work in the future.

It's great job security, tho. Planned obsolescence, even?

Incompetence or malice, the game.

Invitation For P4P Rust Learning Group

(invitation in website form)

for any folks who share dreams of non-extractive infrastructure, and are working in Rust, or interested in learning about Rust,

I started a public matrix channel with @glyph,

I hope it can be a space for sharing rust confusions, asking questions, sharing resources, encouraging each other's work and deepening our understanding of the language

if you're interested, you can join via this link,

beginners and experts both welcome (questions and guidance both appreciated)

there are no time requirements for joining, if you join feel free to participate whenever you have energy and availability

the term p4p means "peer for peer", and comes from the scuttlebutt community

I was interviewed on @thefinalstrawradio podcast this week about the #fediverse :fediverse: and autonomy and stuff... If you want to listen to me ramble and say um a lot for an hour give it a listen!


Disney is all about protecting creative expression when it serves their bottom line. They're definitely not about actually paying for said creative expression.

Leave it to companies like Disney to plead poverty when it comes to paying the talent.


@the_codifier @federicomena

Ah pero es lo de los anuncios de instalar cosas; hasta el instalador de jdk tiene (o tenía?) eso en windows.

No creo que Federico caiga en esa trampa. :P

Oigan chicas, chicos y los ya no tan chicos del #Fediverso, va pregunta-encuesta:

¿Qué los hizo entrar a #Mastodon (u otra red social del Fediverso)?

Por favor, retooteen para que la "encuesta" llegue a más personas que hablan español.

Para la encuesta en inglés pueden ver abajo el enlace a ese toot.

No dejen que el odio por un millonario antipático (p. ej. Elon Musk) disipe el odio por toda la clase burguesa y, sobre todo, por el sistema que divide a la humanidad en clases.

@federicomena lo que yo he hecho es correr windows defender (el antivirus gratuito de microsoft) y luego ccleaner, esta muy completa la version gratuita.

Happy #OpenSourceFriday!

I have a request for all y'all #OpenSource folks: what are some pivotal moments in open source history? Try to think beyond the usual suspects (licenses, operating systems, etc...).

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