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uspol, covid-19, masks 

There is also this moment about masks in the train-wreck of a "debate" that is being brought up:

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uspol, covid-19, simpson 

Donald J. Trump tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, there are a lot of comments on birdsite pointing out another Simpson prediction.

He will get the best treatment available in the US and will most likely survive this respiratory infection; however there are reports that he didn't took precautions since an adviser tested positive yesterday and it is very likely that a lot of White House staff got infected today and yesterday.

Un venendor callejero en la en el municipio de vendiendo papas fritas y chicharrón en un interesante puesto adaptado a una bici.

A street-vendor in Municipality selling potato chips and pork rind from an interesting stand adapted to their bike.

85mm f/2.8 1/400 ISO 125 HLG

police violence 

There is a police massacre taking place in tonight, reports of several protestors being gunned downed or beaten.

At least 5 confirmed dead by government officials. :C

uspol, shitpost, schadenfreude 

If any of the sinking boats at the trump parade at , want other boats to come to their aid then they want socialism. Sorry, I don't make the rules.


In all seriousness, the sinking ships of trump supporters at Lake Travis should at least try to unsink the ships by pulling them up by their bootstraps; that is the only american way.


Poll Image from birdsite for a GOP-poll:

Boat images from bobphoto at birdsite (,

In my location Emoji Movie reached spot number one most watch on netflix and I dont know why. 😂

En mi localidad ( / ) desde los 1990s se volvió común la venta de mercancía (café, pan, comida, etc) a través de / tras el aumento de la . (Tanto los vendedores como los compradores son personas con bajos ingresos; la venta en triciclo existe desde mucho antes y solo hago referencia a una proliferación)

En los últimos años las colonias afluentes (, etc) empezaron a discriminar esta actividad y a dar levantones de triciclos ( )

Ari Santillan escribe el siguiente artículo en Cletofilia exponiendo algunas de las dinámicas clasistas involucradas y como las autoridades / gobierno / estado sacan provecho de esto:

Car crashes into convinience store in ; Fortunatly no pedestrian nor cyclists were injured in this incident.


Coche choca contra tienda de abarrotes en la ; Por fortuna ni peatónes ni ciclistas resultaron lesionadxs en este .


35mm, f/2.8, 1/250, ISO 2500-3200

Eje 6 Sur Angel Urraza & Providencia, Del Valle, Benito Juarez, Ciudad de México

Una de las cosas buenas de la pandemia de COVID-19 es que se instrumentaron varias ciclovías en la .

Esta es la Emergente en Insurgentes.


One of the good things from the COVID-19 pandemic is that several new bikepaths were built in .

This in the Insurgentes emergent .


85mm, f/8.0, 1/320, ISO 125 (Hybrid Log Gamma) /

Visiting Merida, Yucatan and visiting Chichen Itza un Sort of compulsory.

Besides the famious pyramid there is a huge cenote for which a photo doesn't do justice. (See the size of the tree besides me and the shadow they cast on the water some 30 meters below)

The start of the Calor Mutuo Cooperative in Mexico City with an introductory course to cooperativism and a "barter" (trueque, one cloth for one cloth) activity.

What is your favourite contemporary Bilevel EMU trainset?

So far I know of the Waratah (A set and B set), NS VIRM, Stadler KISS, and the Bombardier TWINDEXX.

> For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.

Rosa Luxemburg

State Violence, 50 Years of Tlatelolco Massacre 

Van a volver, van a volver.
Las balas que disparaste van a volver.
La sangre que derramaste la pagaras.
Los sueños que asesinaste no morirán, no morirán.

(Rough English translation)
They will return, they will return.
The bullets that you fired, they will return.
The blood that you spilled, you will pay.
The dreams that you murdered won't die, they won't die.

Just saw Sebastian Hoffman's Time Share (2018) movie in Cineteca Nacional and the ensuing audience questions to him.

A very interesting mix between art cinema and commercial cinema, it has a nightmarish ambient tied with a cynical portrayal of capitalism and corporate culture and how a system can break people up physically and mentally.

I believe this can agitate people from capitalist realism and into anti-capitalism.

Search your local cinemas; worth 11/10.

violence, porros, unam 

Today there were a lot of assemblies in all the high schools and colleges of UNAM.

They are all stopping activities in solidarity with the students beaten and stabbed Monday afternoon by .

The rector hid in his office and released a statement.

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