@derek I am curious to know whether such bicycle campers actually exist.

@miklo The very short answer is yes, if you mean trailers that could be pulled by a bicycle.

The longer answer is they aren't mass-produced, so can you afford one? Well, do you have 4000 Euros? Can you get to Denmark, Germany, or Switzerland? widepathcamper.com/campers/bic

@derek I love this image but I am very worried for the normal bike tires supporting the entire weight of her home there in the back

@thufie haha right, not shown is the anti-grav system that keeps this going.

@derek I can't stop looking at this picture. I would love to see more of Yuuri's work, but all I can find is a Reddit thread with the same image and no link to the artist. Do they have their work online somewhere?

@derek pixiv.net/en/artworks/73510290 looks a bit more practical than the bike. I'm too tall to sleep sideways like that, though.


there's a wonderful sci-fi book written by #BeckyChambers, where one of the main characters, Dex, uses such a mobile home for their vocation as a tea monk.

"A Psalm for the Wild-Built"
eISBN 9781250236227

I'd say, the world there is like solarpunk + 200years

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