I activated and accounts to organize at the town level, and I'm still processing how i feel about that.

Rode my for the first time today in eight years this morning. My legs are wobbly and our hills are HIGH but I feel really good.

Our sustainability group organized a last-minute petition campaign to urge our town council to accept a new waste management grant (that would have helped all residents dispose of food scraps).

Last night we presented 100 signatures, and there was a fire under the town council to navigate the bureaucratic layers between us and the grant. And now our list of people to mobilize is growing!

and feels good.

Our Town Council applied for a grant that would help us separate food scraps from garbage, but now that we've been awarded the money they haven't acted.

The Sustainable Rocky Hill community is organizing to pressure the Town Council to *accept the grant*.

Making use of Action Network and all the medias social.

:raisedfist: 🌱 , friends!

I took my 30-year-old to the shop and decided to overhaul its old break and shifter system. Probably will cost a ton more but I want to prep it to be an with a conversion kit.

washcloth instead of shower
turn off unused light
no standby, switch bar instead
walk short distances
ventilate instead of tilting the window
And other things ...

📕 for 🦌 by Judith Shwartz.

is actually as much about people as it is about trees and animals. In fact, forgetting that humans are participants in an ecosystem, and must give as well as take, is why degrade to begin with!

A very good conversation on Half Past Capitalism about Mondragon's foreign subsidiaries (and other topics). #WorkerCoops :TwinPines:


Thinking of people in today.

When I was there, the cars were absolutely wild - poetry, personal statements, pictures.

Its not important compared to other human rights issues but I wonder if the allows this kind of thing now.

What does decolonization of Hawaii, and the US look like? From one Native Hawaiian's perspective (me)
The US military is destroying our islands along with the 12 million tourists under foreign billionaire-owned tourism. Too many Americans are buying up our lands forcing us out by jacking home prices to $1.5 million etc.
But the solution in places like Hawaii, North America is not as simple as everyone who is white or non-indigenous simply leaving.

@derek @ayanaeliza I'm changing all the small ways I use plastic: using things that can be reused, repairing things, getting old bottles refilled from a zero waste shop, and avoiding water waste.

It's not huge, but it's something.

We've got a new part-time, 6 month front-end development gig at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Fixed $40K budget, you propose the fees schedule that works for you. Come work on pressfreedomtracker.us/ and our other sites.

Remote, with preference for candidates who are available for communication during afternoon work hours US eastern time:


Whats YOUR action? :raisedfist:

Start with what brings you joy. 🥰 It's critical not to do things you don't love: we're in it for the long haul. What is the work that needs doing? What are you good at?

My action, right now, is organizing for change at a local level. How about you?

Concept source: Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson @ayanaeliza

Learn more with video: youtube.com/watch?v=VsOJR40M0a

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