" Powered Water Pumps"

"The Spanish NGO Azada Verde works with rural communities in to develop sustainable and local food systems. Their bike powered pumps save the local population much time fetching water. The pumps each supply 10 litres of water per minute. So far, 67 bike powered water pumps have been installed."


Innovative Project Is Growing Crops Beneath in

"...By combining the land dedicated to solar panels with the land dedicated to agriculture, it is possible to avoid some of these pitfalls. Growing plants beneath elevated solar panels protects them from the sun in hot, dry places and helps the soil retain moisture, the University of Sheffield explained. The strategy has worked successfully in Global North countries like France, Germany and the U.S., but has not been tested in the Global South, according to SEI and The Guardian.So far, the results have been promising, The Guardian reported.

In Kajiado, cultivated under 180, 345-watt solar panels were a third larger and healthier than the control group. , and also fared better in the panels’ shade."


"We should be encouraging people to slow down. We should be encouraging people to think more about disability justice. We should be working together and building foundations for advocacy based on love and not hate. There’s too much pressure in the way of perfection on individuals when we know this crisis was built by systems."

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"Maintaining my mental health is part of my activism because mental health is planetary health. It’s an intersection that is often overlooked. For example: there’s a drug that I’ve been on for nine years—I’ve tried coming off it so many times but I can’t. Last summer I increased my dose of this medication and for the first time ever I couldn’t tolerate the heat. It was really hot in the U.K. and I was at home, absolutely uncomfortable. I got a heat stroke; I couldn’t think straight; I was chronically dehydrated. I couldn’t sleep more or less for the whole summer. It’s just one way of illustrating that disability justice is climate justice. "

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"The industry accounts for 5% of emissions, which might not sound like much to a lot of people. But when you think about the fact that 1% of people in the world account for 50% of carbon emissions from flying you begin to realize that the aviation industry is: firstly, projected to grow; and secondly, associated with a lot of privilege in the Global North."


"“Narratives play an important role in communicating climate risks and motivating solutions.” Narratives facilitate collective action through the development of shared visions. They hold the potential to shape norms and standards and, by extension, laws and policies. We have witnessed firsthand the power of narrative when diplomats from SIDS derive their rhetorical authority, in part, from citing IPCC reports in negotiations at the ocean-climate nexus. "

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"Rather than a broad recommendation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, AR6 recognized that unlimited economic expansion cannot continue if the goal is to prevent catastrophic climate change. It looked to studies to emphasize that runaway consumption, free natural capital, cheap exports, and dispossession on the hunt for profit are unsustainable for the planet and inequitable for the people. "


"The amount of space available on the rooftops of Walmarts, Targets, Home Depots, Costcos, and other large stores and shopping malls in the continental U.S. is staggering. Environment America estimates that it amounts to 7.2 billion square feet, or about the size of El Paso, Texas. Even tiny little Rhode Island has 279 stores that span at least 25,000 square feet each.

"...David Hughes, an environmental anthropologist at Rutgers University, has a more radical idea. When Grist spoke with him last fall, he suggested that when the owners of these large flat rooftops fail to take advantage of their solar potential, they should forfeit their rights to do so to the community or municipality."

"Why doesn’t every big box store have rooftop ?"


"...The technology itself still has room for improvement, but what’s needed is not so much a better or panel as much as broader changes that encourage more widespread adoption.

For residential solar power, upward of 70 percent of the price tag is due to “soft costs” — things like permitting, inspections, installation, and financing rather than the cost of the hardware itself. Solar could still get much cheaper, with costs falling another 50 percent by 2050 according to some estimates, but it will require cutting through this red tape."


Thanks to the fearless efforts of laboratory physicists and chemists, we know exactly what colors of light different types of gas and molecules absorb.

For an exoplanet this works because the planet looks ever so slightly bigger (blocks out more star light) at colors that are absorbed by the atmosphere

So when we see the planet look slightly bigger at certain colors, we can say "hey, there must be Water or Oxygen or CO2 etc!"

(graphic from @/ExoplanetPete on birdapp)

#SpaceTalkTuesday 23/

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The light switch by our front door has this row of programmable multi-color LEDs, and I set it up to reflect the latest regional covid-in-wastewater numbers on an exponential scale. So right now it looks like this...

Designing a #chess set is a challenge. During games, a player must be able to recognize a piece at once, without wasting time or thought that could be spent calculating positions. To achieve this, and still to design something beautiful and creative, is no small feat.

#LanierGraham went a step beyond in creating a #minimalist set in 1966. Not only are the pieces abstracted to simple shapes - the #pawns are cubes the #knights are "Ls" to reflect the way they move - but they all fit together like a #puzzle for easy traveling.

Image Sources: mmminimal.com, designbuzz.com, ebay.com

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June: pmail.com/newsflash.htm

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

I hate ads, but it feels like things are moving a little bit in the right direction when Harley-Davidson is spending money on advertising e-bikes

@derek @Chess not sure if helpful in any way, but I recently found the Chess Forum here in NYC a few weeks ago, which has a variety of very cool sets!


Anyone have recommendations for sets I should highlight with @Chess? Ideally I'm looking for sets with stories.

FIDE World Championship #Chess Set was designed by architect Daniel Weil for the 2013 #FIDE World Chess Championship between #ViswanathanAnand and #MagnusCarlsen and still used in top-tier FIDE events.



Image source: chessantiques.com, chessbaron.co.uk, ndtv.com
@derek I was always amazed that heat pumps have efficiency around 4 aka they produce almost 4 times more heat then the power they consume.
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