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I’m a stay-at-home father of two young boys in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I have an Honours Degree in English Literature, a Bachelors in Education, and a Graduate Certificate in Event Management. I am currently working toward obtaining a Diploma in Accounting.

I’ve lived in 18 different cities in the provinces of Ontario & British Columbia.

My interests include:

• Alternative Energy
• Cycling & Mass Transit Solutions
• Canadian Soccer
• Northern Ontario self-determination

My pronouns are: He/him


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Finally taking the next steps in de-Googling. Just finished setting up my non-google e-mail (both address & mobile client, I've used Thunderbird on my PC for ages) and have started to associate it with services I plan to continue to use moving forward (ie Fediverse).

Any recommendations on an excellent Calendar app on F-Droid?

As of Oct 3rd, I'll finally get to see what kind of draw the electric heaters really have on the household electricity.

My previous home was powered the boiler using methane, so I'm in the dark as to how large a draw I should expect, and what it may do to my electrical bill.

It will also be interesting to compare my AC draw vs my heating draw, and what difference I should expect in my annual usage & costs.

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Right, so I disconnected the AC units (3) on September 15th. We ended up getting hit with a late wave of heat, and we needed to set 2 of them back up for 3 days in the kids' top-floor rooms, but they're back out now.

I had to turn my heat on 3 days ago because we dropped to 0 Celsius.

So much for the nice little pocket of time (typically a whole month) where we usually don't use heat or air conditioning!

Finally pulled the AC units out all over the house. If anyone complains, I'm just gonna make them munch frozen peas.

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I did up a "limited run" of "collectible" sport cards to help my eldest and his friend mark the end of their rookie soccer season.

Considering my limited design skills, I think they turned out alright. Of course, now I'll have to do up cards for every sport he completes a season of, but I'm ok with that. Just really wish I could figure out a better way to print the cards so they feel more like real cards.

This version has each side printed on matte photo paper and then glued to a thin piece of cardboard. After these photos were taken, we laminated them. They're wallet-sized, which makes them a little smaller than standard sports cards.

If I could get my hands on a better way to print/make these cards, I could potentially turn around and do this for the team/other parents, and turn it into a bit of a side hustle... Going to need to look into it.

I've no idea what city I'll be moving to next spring because it's largely dependent on my spouse's job.

Despite this, I'm expected to get a "good" job by the end of September.

How does one go about getting a good job if they know they'll just be leaving it in 6 months? I guess a temporary contract?

Remote jobs are definitely possible, but are there many entry level remote jobs that don't require 10+ years experience in field?

If someone here is willing to hire a Canadian for a "good" remote position in accounting/bookkeeping/payroll etc, feel free to drop me a line.

Well, Day 2 of "Santa's Village" lasted about 3 hours.

Then we returned to the hotel, went for a quick swim in the pool, and drove the 3.5 hours back home.

My eldest woke up this morning with a heck of an attitude, and there was no salvaging any part of the trip after that.

When my kids ask why they never go on trips or vacations, they really will only have themselves to blame.

Too bad.

I was hoping to go to Canada's Wonderland, Legoland, and a dozen or so other places with them before they grew up and became boring adults...

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Continued to fight through whatever the heck I caught and brought the kids out to Santa's Village today.

Rapids continue to come up negative (and symptoms don't really match anyways), so we went forward with it. I masked up anyways (only person in the whole place, I swear).

The kids were real buttholes the whole time.

I love my kids, but they sure like to be difficult...

On the bright side, I managed to get a handful of good photos that would make my life look perfect to all the insta & meta idiots. These should appease the grandparents.

Now, hopefully my eldest won't try to tunnel through my ribs while sleeping tonight... I have zero confidence in avoiding that damage.

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With college done for the semester, my spouse and I decided to bring the little one's to Santa's Village, a sort of theme park located in Bracebridge, ON.

Of course, the day we leave I have some sort of bug, but I muscled through and made the 4+ hour drive anyways.

Regret fighting through it. My kids are assholes and really don't deserve this trip...

Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


All I can think about is how awesome that mysterious outdoor space was, with the various stalls and sitting areas, with the tuck shop and rain shelter, with the not-technically-public walkway connecting two roadways at the top of the hill. I keep thinking how great it would be to run spring & summer markets, or have a small bazaar under that canopy. Or even holding garden parties, outdoor workshops, or any number of other small events.

As cool as the dream was, I can't help but feel disappointed this dream house didn't really have unshaded space to grow fruits & vegetables, and that there wasn't any renewable energy in play. That said I never did follow the path around to the front of the house or explore the (several) floors above.

Who knows what I could have found?

Any dream interpreters out there? Or how about guesses as to what the place may actually have been?

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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


On the way back, I run into a woman and her son, who explain they came in the path to see if the "Muck Shop" had opened this season. They hadn't seen it for a couple years and were hoping the new owners would revive it. I give her my number and ask her to give me a call to explain what the Muck Shop was, as it appeared I was the new owner and just discovered that my spouse and I had set up in the basement apartment of the house, and didn't realize there were more floors and this whole area.

Everyone has a bit of a chuckle at that until we get back to the door to the place. My spouse is standing in the doorway, eyes wide, and asks "what is this? where does this go?" I tell here that I'll show her once these folks get their dog, because it's going to take "several minutes of walking" to get to the end of it. I scoop up my cat on the way and the people get their dog and are happily on their way.

I woke up at this point.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


The path continues and there's a larger area that looks like it used to have some big patio furniture, like a couch, chairs and large tables, and it's all under a tin roof. Finally, there's an exit from the canopy and I find myself on a road that leads to down the hill on one side, and into a parking area for a large dog park (or something similar) on the other.

I turn around and look back, and the tin roof connects to a metal awning, partially covering the opening in the stone wall where the "seating area" was located. A dark brown wooden sign is hammered into the ground with the words "The Muck Shop" chiselled into it & painted red. I'm standing there looking back at it when a couple comes over and asks if I'd seen their dog, and they describe the Afghan Hound to a tee. So I guide them back to my place.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


It's almost like there's a series of little stalls (?) lining either side of the widened stone walkway, once the ramp joins the level of other path. Each stall could be big enough to setup small tables, or lay out a blanket, and it almost feels to me like they could be community sales stalls or something, with little stone walls to separate the stalls without actually blocking the view. Maybe something similar to the sheep-walls that are often depicted for Ireland/Scotland?

I continue further and find a small outbuilding that looks a lot like a little camp or beach tuck shop, locked up, but all built in stone. Somehow, I know one of the keys I got with the house would unlock it.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


On my way to the door, I see some basset hound puppies, and then I stop dead in my tracks because there's an absolutely gorgeous Afghan Hound with almost silky fur standing in my way. It doesn't give a crap about me and moves over to the puppies, and I continue on through the broken & rotted door. The sheer number of dogs in this dream is crazy, as I don't really like dogs overly much.

As I step outside, the whole area is under a beautiful tree canopy. Completely in the shade. I step out onto a stone path that leads up to the ground. Looking up, I can see that the house continues above the tree canopy, but I can't really see too much from the angle. There's another path that goes around the house to one side, but I continue up the ramped stone path.


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The attic is still pretty dark, so I switch on the light. There's a 2-3 year old high-end washer & dryer a little further, and I turn the corner and spot a full kitchen, with pretty good appliances and everything. And I can see another set of stairs leading further up (somehow I know it's another 2-4 floors), and just past the base of those stairs I see an old door completely open and with the bottom all rotted through. Think one of those grey-ish wooden doors, with a semi-circle top and a circle window. As my eyes adjust, I also begin to realize the "attic" is so dark because there's literal mountains of stuff blocking windows on all 4 external walls.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


So I go up and have to push the door open to the attic, because there's something in the way on the other side. I hear it scraping as I open the door. A pair of racoons spot me and then take off further into the attic. I call down and let my spouse know, and then say I'm going to go in and see if I can't figure out how they got in.

Well, once through the door I see a big laundry wash-basin just to one side of the door, and there's a big dog in the basin with, like, a salad dumped on its head. It's tongue is out and it's like the friendliest dog in the world. I call down a quick "you gotta see this" and continue into the attic.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 


There was plenty of light in the place from the two sides that were open. The place was a little small for our family (2 kids & 2 cats), but it was still 3-bedrooms, 2 baths, and an ok kitchen. We knew the attic was full height, but it was pretty dark up there and we had only ever really done a quick "poke-your-head-in, yup, that's an attic" kind of look (which is not at all like us, but hey, it's a dream).

There was an additional half-floor between the 2nd floor and the attic that was built into the hillside for the 2nd bathroom (right off the stairs). The place was pretty dated and was definitely going to need some work. We were also a little concerned that there might be some water damage, but it didn't seem like anything too disastrous.

My spouse hears something coming from the attic and sends me up.


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Long - 9 Posts - Weird Dream 

Last night I had a crazy . This is a bit of a thread (9 posts), but I can't get this out of my mind.

I normally don't remember my dreams, but when I do they're always big and super detailed.

Anyhow, my spouse and I had recently bought a 2-floor house with an attic that was built into the side of a hill during an estate auction, without really having had too much of a chance to look over the plans, property map, or even muc of the house itself. One corner of the house and most of 2 exterior walls were in the hill. This was where the stairs were located inside the house. Looking up from the driveway you could see the roof edge and trees at the top of the hill to either side.


In case any were wondering, my previously completed post-secondary includes a Bachelor of English Literature, a Bachelor of Education, and an Event Management Diploma.

I also completed 2/3 of a diploma in Business Administration - Materials and Operations, but a 10-year relocation to a city 4,600 km across the country meant I could not finish it.

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