Who knows stuff about succulents? I'm considering getting some to take care of since I don't know very much about taking care of plants, and I've heard they're really good for people like me.

@crucible use a pot with good drainage. Let them dry between waterings. Medium/high sun exposure. Has worked well for me so far ( a long time)

@tulsi @crucible yup, this will do it! Most succulents seem to really really love living, so they're hardy and easy to care for 😊

My advice is dive in, water them weekly or biweekly, and go from there.

@crucible I'm still a beginner myself, but yes, as long as you give them lots of light and not too much water, they're pretty easy to take care of.

@crucible @GwenfarsGarden the lighter / more exciting the colour, the more light they need. The more light you can give your succulents, the better! Start with green ones which tend to be lower maintenance, use a good draining soil and a container with a hole in the bottom and dish, water weekly and don't let any water sit in the dish (or less if the soil is still damp)!

@crucible you probably won't need to more them more than once a week unless you live somewhere really dry. Otherwise, what others have said: lots of light, or they will grow funny and bendy 🌱

(They are also extremely easy to propagate! My whole window sill is full of baby succulents.)

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