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An overview of the first six months of my new back garden.

Photos here are before and after. More photos and info in the blogpost.

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....only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean!" Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

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People with disabilities/chronic illness, are frequently questioned about their use of mobility aids. So I've written a short blogpost that explains that cars are mobility aids too

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Cookie is getting chubby, so she's on a diet. I have to look into these eyes and tell her no, you can't have any more chunks in jelly. #TheStruggleIsReal

@Wewereseeds @Efi one place to start is the book Afrofuturism by Ytasha L Womack.

There's also a whole lot of fiction. Check out people/Magazines like:
Fiyah Lit
New World, Old Ways
Phenderson Djeli Clark
Nnedi Okorafor
K. Tempest Bradford
Sofia Samatar
Nk Jemisin
Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Rivers Solomon
Nalo Hopkinson

Not all of these are strictly afrofuturist, but many of them are or they build on afrofuturist foundations

Serious recommendation: if you like solarpunk, look into AfroFuturism. It's been around -way- longer, and tbh, solarpunk was probably inspired by it. The aesthetics and ideals often overlap, and there's way more lore and fiction to read! Also, you'll be giving a platform to people that have great ideas and need the attention.

"[T]he call for a cleverly sidesteps any internal movement bickering... It says: we know what the problem is and we want a more legitimate, more democratic way of solving it."

Article: Kick ‘em all out! Citizens’ Assemblies and the next democratic revolution

If you are looking for where to buy in the UK, I can recommend two places:

Real Seeds a small family business in Wales. Not only do you get a good number of seeds, they also include instructions on how to save your own seed from each type of seed you purchase.

Seed Cooperative which have 100% biodynamic/organic seeds and you get a decent number of seeds per pack. It's a community owned Co-op.

P.S. I don't make anything from this, I just wanted to suggest some non-corporate places to get your seeds :)

Anyone who is a victim of a system of oppression, like racism, is automatically more effected by the climate crisis. For example, over 65% of fossil fuel infrastructure is built in majority black & brown communities. This is not a coincidence....

....corporations take advantage of communities that are marginalized, and the disproportionate amount of fossil fuel infrastructure in communities is poisoning them, and causes high rates of asthma and cancer. Climate Justice IS

The first few responses to the question 'What would you like to see in our future?' have started to come in. But I know there are lots of you out there with tons of great ideas!

*taps fingers*
*waits for all the great ideas to come in...*

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Ugh, the image description for the picture attached above is incorrect. It's meant to be:

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Lush tropical gardens with futuristic looking buildings and structures

sigh. Maybe I'll be less tired in a ;)

First snow of the season. Looks pretty, but is bloody cold! Still, the Broad Beans look perky.

@UnconventionalEmma Pretty great to see the end of capitalism quietly emerging as a subject of polite conversation.

My also includes space exploration. Think the Belter culture from the Expanse books or the Areophany from the Mars Trilogy.

First of this year's batch of kids. Expecting 60+ more in the next few weeks... #MastoGoats

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