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People with disabilities/chronic illness, are frequently questioned about their use of mobility aids. So I've written a short blogpost that explains that cars are mobility aids too

Against my better judgement, I'm going to attempt to give away some stuff on Freegle/Freecycle again. Wish me luck!

@Pixley @GwenfarsGarden They can carry salmonella, so I understand the issue should one be there, but I feel like this is one of those weird legal things that can only be the result of a very specific single story, like some chef had his kid’s pet turtle sitting on the line at one point or something.

I can’t access in the web. It won’t load. I have posts appearing in Amaroq, but none newer than 45 minutes. Anyone else experiencing problems?

Made a brief venture outside to see how the new Amelanchier is doing with all these high winds, as we live almost at the top of a hill, so extra windy.

Thankfully I planted it right, it's not moved at all. And I've, shock horror, not even staked it!

Why are my town's health inspectors so worried about turtles in kitchens

The day I broke free
He followed me to the kitchen and settled on the counter top
Looking at me with the burning disappointment of 1000 depressed suns.

I made the mistake of resting for 10 minutes after a harsh round of housework and now I give up. This is my fate. I guess we’re going to bed now.

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At least I have mastodon to cry to as my inevitable death by cat hug grows ever closer.

I remember the time I was not stuck under cat. I used things, like my legs, to go places, I don’t suppose you young ones can even imagine.

You may all know that this summer has been long and dry in most parts of Europe. There are still wildfire precautions in effect.

The German army, however, did not care and ran a weapons test in a dry swamp area anyways. Now there's a huge wildfire burning FOR TWO WEEKS they can't control and first villages are preparing for evacuation.

German news article (with pics) for those interested:

"how did your potato crop do this year, hvincent?"

well, don't sneeze.

[photo of a handful of very small potatoes, ranging from pea sized to lime sized]

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No, auto correct, I did not mean ducking. I have never meant ducking! And neither has anyone else! Duck you!

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Tzedekah Alert!!

The Gaza 5K funds emergency programming in the Gaza Strip, including UNRWA's Community Mental Health Programme. This life-changing program provides psycho-social counseling to Palestine refugee children suffering from PTSD and other psychological trauma in Gaza.

Trump cut funding to UNRWA because he is a GARBAGE FACTORY and donating to the Gaza 5k is a tangible way to counteract that, so please do it if you can <3

Peterborough is already the most car-dependent city in the UK, but the council still planned to demolish a bridge allowing cyclists/pedestrians to avoid an A-road. But GOOD NEWS: thanks to the outcry, they've changed their minds and they're going to repair the bridge instead.

Tossing this question out into the aether: Anyone remember a book from the 80s that was a how-to guide to writing your own database programs in BASIC? I know or local library had it but they have tossed all their books that dealt with basic.

Life in the Spanish city that banned cars:

"Naturally, it hasn’t all gone off without a hitch. People don’t like being told they can’t drive wherever they want, but Lores says that while people claim it as a right, in fact what they want are privileges."

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