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🎵 I am a plant 🌷 lover and I love to read
I'm sorry I'm thinking about plants 💚 again

I really love all plants 🌺
Just want every plant 🌻 🎵

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New avatar - my flag: the green sections represents the sun, and plants, and the black is a cog, representing sustainable technology. Together, this represents hope for the future. It has been painted onto brown burlap.

I got this from @Wewereseeds

*my, as in my interpretation/outlook.

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So many of us are so hard on ourselves about not doing enough to make the world a better place.

Seeing these kind of conversations in my timeline, I've suddenly just recalled something Jocelyn, a 90+ year old suffragette, said to me a few years ago:
You are no good to the revolution if you don't look after yourself first.

She is so right. And under capitalism, self-care is truly one of the most radical acts you can take.

Look after yourselves.

Anyone know which native Japanese plants/flowers were introduced to Canada?


I don't know what type of plant this is, but it's growing from a crack between my parents' concrete driveway and their garage, and it's looking great whilst doing so.

(am I using that tag correctly?)

Surprise . The folks who rehabbed the house and yard planted these daylilies. They didn't bloom until this weekend.

One of my grasses is going to flower
This one usually sends out runners, so I'm curious to see how this works since it sent out a whole new stem just for the flowers

This pamphlet, 'Too Many of Whom? Too Much of What?' was produced by No One Is Illegal, back in 2010. At the time there were a number of outlets, both mainstream and supposedly ‘radical’ that were pushing the idea that population was one of the main sources of environmental destruction. To confront the argument that controls on migration or on population as a whole was a solution to climate disaster, NOII put together this incredibly well researched, yet relatively easy to read discussion paper.

These arguments have once again began to rear their ugly heads within the environmental movement, and it is important to refute them.

My cat, Freya, currently has her head resting on my right palm and a front paw resting on my arm and it's so damn adorable, but also wonderful, coz she trusts me so much she can just snooze in this manner. I love my cat so much ❤🐱

Should I introduce the "blocked_by" feature that allows to know if an account is blocking your account? #Poll

It would be only used in profiles.

Hey y'all, Fedilab is doing a poll about implementing a feature to see if someone blocked you. This is a bad idea and is only good for stalking people, it's private data.

Please vote no on it (this toot is an answer to that vote)
Boosts appreciated

I mentioned the other day that Siskins (Gealag bhuidhe - Spinus spinus) love eating dandelion seeds.

Well, here is the proof. 😃

The first photo shows a male Siskin holding onto a dandelion stalk, while feeding on the seeds. The second photo shows a female standing on the ground while feeding. These two birds were, I believe, a pair. These two were working close to each other and weren't argumentative. There were several other pairs nearby.

#nature #Siskins #Dandelions #photo #photography

In case anyone needs some good news...

Apparently the first direct train service between North Wales and Liverpool in over 40 years left this morning! They reopened a Cheshire line that was closed in the 1970s. It's taken five years but they got there!

@GwenfarsGarden was correct when she thought one of the random plants I was transplanting was Digitalis purpurea, aka

El Árbol del Tule is a tree growing in Oaxaca state, Mexico, and it has the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world. Its a 35 metre tall Montezuma cypress, and its main trunk has a circumference of over 42 metres, even larger than any known giant sequoia.

It also goes by the Nahuatl name of Ahuehuete, meaning "Old man of the water". According to the local Zapotec people, it was planted 1400 years ago by a priest of Ehecatl, the Aztec wind god, named Pecocha.

happystash on Twitter: When sewing, always remember pattern placement is key.

Men, have you considered:
Not raising your voice for anything short of fucking death?
Haha thanks!

2019: The year we lactosed the intolerant

🥛 🍼

So many exciting holidays coming up!

Vanilla Milkshake Day - 20th June

Coffee Milkshake Day - 26th July

Milkshake Day - 1st August

Chocolate Milkshake Day - 12th September

There's video of him retreating to a chorus of laughter hahaha

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