I don’t know how likely this future is, but I’m 100% into it.

“Why you have (probably) already bought your last car”

It’s about how a self-driving electric car network as a service could replace maintaining and driving your own car.

@cassolotl Interesting. This was an idea I had during a tumblr discussion a few months ago. Glad to see that there's a chance of it actually happening!

this is another one of those ideas that seems great at face value, but also seems *really* likely to be co-opted for the profit of evil techbros. i mean the article even compares it to uber.
i also think that there would likely still be some use cases that necessitate personal vehicles. for instance, physical laborers who transport their tools and materials in their trucks. that'd be hard to replace with robot taxis.

@juliebean It's only like Uber because it'd be transport to your location on demand without having to own a vehicle, so I'm not scared by that exact comparison, I reckon.

But yeah, shifts in infrastructure would be required, and anything that requires a specialist vehicle (like those ones that transport cars around, or skips, etc.) would need a way to get around too. It probably just means that humans transporting themselves would be banned, or would maybe have a special road network or lane?

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