Plant ID please
Two of these now 3 foot tall plants popped up between my comfrey and my black currant, and another smaller one over by the gooseberry, I think just as of this year. They are looking more and more tree like, I may have a root problem on my hands if I don't murder them yesterday. They kinda look like a willow and kind of like a nectarine? Does anybody know what they are? I'm in SW Missouri.

@brettleeper I've lived in Missouri 19 years and have never seen one of these before. Have you tried uploading them to iNaturalist?

@brettleeper I allowed myself to upload the third picture to Flora Incognita, and I'm surprised because it identifies it as Prunus persica. So nectarine is not that far off :)

@daniel_bohrer There were surely seeds and compost thrown in the yard at some point.

@daniel_bohrer Icm getting confirmation from a local source that itcs indeed a fruit tree probably peach but an outlier possibility technically within presented morphology is a wild cherry.

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