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Here's my alt on Myass:


I will probably be looking for another alt in the future but for now please follow me there.

*sigh* the plot thickens... The house we are working on? City hall sent us a $500 water bill for 1 month. The pipes aren't leaking and they are billing us for nothing...

I told everyone I was going to the woods today but I wasn't prepared for the amount of wildlife I saw. ... I saw a dead or injured baby deer (reported it), several living deer, an emu, a zebra, a buffalo, and longhorn cow, and more. 0_0 I had no idea there was a zebra living within a mile or two of my house...

Mended a few socks yesterday. Starting to get better at it. I have a whole bag full of socks with holes in them still to mend though.

Writing articles for this autumn on Brontide Journal. Still need to film some gif's etc. but I've almost completed 1 full article today and have another one prepped. Gotta do research, pick up pet meds, cut flatlay fabric, and maybe take some photo's in the woods later.

Does anyone in the UK want these Japanese textbooks for free? Boosts appreciated 

Exactly what it says on the tin. These are all geared at English speakers wanting to learn Japanese, no prior knowledge necessary. From left to right, top to bottom we have:

Japanese for Dummies (no CD)
Japanese phrasebook
Japanese Demystified
Kanji Learner's Dictionary
Instant Japanese (with CD)
English-Japanese Dictionary

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Gonna make some twitch panels like this soon too and do a color variation where it's super colorful. But... We'll see... Art can be difficult.

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Yesterday's I preserved leaves for flat lays, dehydrated a zucchini for Autumn, and cut out some old bird prints to hang. Also, finally got the basil sprouting so it will be transplanted this week. :)

Actually working on a logo design project. 0_0 Gonna talk money after I hand over some prototype images with watermarks. I'm super anxious... I don't even know what to ask for...

This also means all the people with migraines that are not protected from vampires would most likely become vampires themselves... So... Do vampires hate the light or is that there is just a higher than average conversion rate for migraine sufferers to vampires? Is that the only way to become one? Hmmm... Someone needs to write a story about this so I can read it.

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Well, it's night so my migraine has died. It's funny but my headaches ramp up until about 6 pm and then completely disappear between then and 7pm. That's probably when vampires would come out if they're sensitive just to blue light too which means if you're fellow migraine sufferer decides its safe to go outside at an abnormal time prepare accordingly because... the vampires will be out too.

Also, this means vampires wouldn't have to wait until nightfall... They could be out in overcast weather, certain times of day that you wouldn't expect and both before and after sunset....

“To develop the best humanity, the best spirit, the best community, there needs to be discipline; practices of exploring. How do you do that? How do we work together? How do we talk together in ways that will open up our best capacities and our best gifts?”

~ Vincent Harding


2) BIPOC are under-represented in the outdoors, both in the industry and in the recreation population. A lot of this is due to the pay gap that doesn't leave anyone other than white men with leisure time and disposable income. I donated to this drive to get outdoor gear to BIPOC to help close that gap, and because time outside is even more important while we're otherwise stuck inside :


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This is day 8 of a never-ending headache and migraine streak. Part of it may be due to how old my glasses are. I got them in 2010? 2011? Maybe earlier. ... I got them when I started uni.

Just glad I got to preserve some leaves today and pick a few veggies im gonna try to take a nap. -_-

I need to transfer my book outline to my p.c. so I can figure out the world building. ... I keep forgetting.

Fashion is just one of the many ways colonialism forces the adoption of customs that are maladapted to local conditions, but it is visible and emblematic. The British made their Indian subjects wear wool to turn it into a market for their wool products. Wool. In India. One would scream with laughter at the absurdity of it, except wool suits are still considered the height of class around the world despite the fact that it is highly unsuited (sorry) to most climates. Most of the world's population doesn't live in a cool Western European climate, but men are still supposed to fit themselves into boxy wool outfits in order to be taken seriously? What kind of sense does that make?

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Colonial conditioning has tricked us into thinking it is "savage" to wear less clothing than what colonial Europe has deemed to be decent, and "backward" to wear more, as in the case of robes and head coverings. This, like colonialism itself, is a lie. It's practical to wear minimal clothing in very hot and humid weather, while coverings provide protection and comfort in hot, dry weather with sun and sand. European ways are not suited to all conditions, and European senses are not the pinnacle of beauty and morality.

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Building the most adorable Halloween card ever for the packet ever.

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