Done. 4 left and I'm finished. I can't wait to share this with everyone!

Got the release forms drafted. Brontide Journal can now do interviews.

I accidentally deleted that previous toot of the produce bag I made for my mom 🤦🏻 She really liked it, and have gotten so excited about this, that she collected some old fabrics, and will give me some of hee ribbons and string stoppers, so I can more of these :D

Revolutionary conditions are when the people cease believing that the existing institutions will deliver what they need and take things in their own hands.

In some sense, we both have and don't have revolutionary conditions. Things are bad enough that people could rise up, but in many places it hasn't happened yet.

Our other dog Luna barely made it three minutes outside with all of this on.

Photo of my dog Oreo meditating in the snow. She can't take temperatures over 50 very well and loves this kind of weather. The sweater is literally just for looks, she was jealous of our other dog wearing her sweater.

I made this and decided not to use it, so if anyone wants a background, here you go.

took a diversion from my regular #novembeat schedule to write this one

it took 3+ days of work, but i'm proud with the final product, which i'm naming "radio angel" after @RadioAngel, who i made this song for as a twitch theme (go follow them!!)

all the sounds/music was made with the help of my very good friend ksora (a make noise 0-coast synthesizer), and the reverb effects were done in ableton live

i hope yall will enjoy listening to it as much as i enjoyed making it!

0_0 What do you do when you wifi box starts to overheat? I mean, do you say "Hello, I need to cancel cable and by the way your wifi box is overheating and I need a new one?"

It's pretty disturbing that things like guaranteeing food, water, shelter and sanitation to all residents in the country is somehow considered unusual or radical, particularly in developed countries like the UK.

Gonna play some Fortnite this morning. I'm apparently a lot better at this game now than I have been.

DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help 

This gentleman straightforwardly demonstrates how he heats a with fallen leaves in winter. If you can make a deep, thick pile of leaves, you can do what he's doing.

My uncle bought me a bottle of kombucha and wants to see if I can grow it. 0_0 It's flavored but I might be able to swing it? Any tips?

If I can get the magazine started and finish the cookbook in November I'll be happy. Family is getting sick 😷 and we all know I have a terrible immune system.

Accomplishments for last two months:
- 26 Livestream followers
- Edited and published 1 book
- Wrote 95% of a cookbook
- Harvested Ginger & replanted
- Planted Garlic
- Planned a magazine
- Setup magazine website
- set up 3 TV's
- Helped build a TV stand
- Started 3 Mesophilic cultures
- Updated Xbox
- Got my dog back on a walking schedule
- Started getting submissions together for magazine and organizing interviews
- Cancelled 2 cable subscriptions
- Learned how to set up an antenna
- Lots of food science experiments
- Went foraging 3x
- Took a foraging class
- Saved wild persimmon seeds and Burr oak

I cannot believe that I've done this much with 2 months off from classes.

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