I joke a lot about NFTs a lot as they are obviously ridiculous. Digital deeds for jpegs, lol. The tech companies putting these together have a nefarious goal that is well beyond a jokey punchline though. We know about youtube algorithms that scan videos and enforce copyright for matched songs/vids. Imagine that happening with memes or photos you grab from the news. You repost that image, and then an algorithm finds it, contacts the NFT owner, and you get charged.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been to active on here lately. I'm extremely busy with the following:
- Currently teaching my mom Korean.
- Got selected to teach a course on SkillShare and just got through the 101 course for teachers.
- Joined an art challenge to get better at art.
- Taking a workshop on 'Dream It, Do It: Build Your Creative Business'.

This is sucking up all my time but it's temporary. I'll try to get my schedule back in balance soon.

This week I've read two books in Latin and one in Esperanto.

Aid Request 

@mutualaid #Crowdfund #TransCrowdFund

Hi friends,
I have 6 months to find 10k for my tuition and licensing fees. I know folks who donate are probably spread thin. I'd appreciate if you passed my link around on other social media sites, or reposted on your profile so your followers have a better chance of seeing it. If you have a rich aunt who's a fan of alt medicine, show this to her.

Other ways to support me are upthread.


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I finished reading my first short story in Latin yesterday. :)

My sister has like 6 months to learn Korean and she's gonna drag me into it. So, i guess Im learning Latin, Esperanto, and Korean with Hebrew currently on hold.

This shouldn't be too difficult as we've been sucked into Kdramas for almost a year now.

Your occasional reminder that "self-care" has its roots in Black Feminism and by using it to refer to consumerism recreation you use to maintain the emotional energy to serve colonialism, you're actively engaging in linguistic appropriation and the erasure of Black Feminist praxis and history.

Hi if anyone would like some pacific aster symphyotrichum chilense seed hmu I will send u some for free if ur in the us :) fresh off the plants­čî▒­čîŞ #gardening #plants

You all have no idea how nice it is to not sleep on my grandparents old pillows. I'm so happy I got new ones!

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If I ever get another stimulus check It's going to survival gear. This time around I mainly got things I've needed for a long time and replaced some broken tech.

Question: How do I stop a graphics tablet from mirroring my monitor and set up a dual display?

New computer mouse and pillows were at the top of my list. :) I also got a new mousepad because... mine was used and looked like it was on the floor of an auto repair shop for about a decade.

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I've got some good news :) I got a stimulus check for the first time ever! I replaced my computer mouse and everything that was broken in my room or worn out.

my pc updated and now it's completely unusable because the mouse doesn't work. I plugged in another and it won't work either. Worst part is all tutorials on how to fix the mouse require a mouse.

0_0 I've got a lot of work to do this week.


- Clean stream desk and figure out how to clean the inside of my pc.

- Clean out dresser and organize.

- Sweep and mop floor.

One of my giant plants started withering the other day a bit. So I'm gonna try and clone it.

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