Sister got out of surgery at 5:30? I think. Apparently her bones in her neck didn't fuse for a year and a half. We just got a 40 second phone call. They won't let anyone stay in the room with her.

As my computer use continues to evolve, it's less and less likely I'll be posting meaningful things here. :(

The current alternative is that I'll be sending out an email broadcast - once public, once for paid subscribers, talking about the various sorta stuff I talk about.

For now, I'll be using Substack, a proprietary service, since they provide the necessarily payment processing without unreasonable overhead.

Since y'all have gotten access to all my rambling without any sort of gate so far, anyone who wants a paid subscription, just DM me your email and I'll hook you up.

today I learned that zombie fiction was invented by Mary Shelley after her husband died in a book called The Last Man. it was allegory about the bubonic plague, and the fucked up political response to it. on its first run it was so hated it was suppressed until the 1960s. The book I Am Legend is based on it. upon which Thr Last Man On Earth (vincent price), Omega Man (charlton heston) and I Am Legend (will smith) were based.
the creatures were originally vampires.

I just watched 8 hrs, an entire show on Netflix, called La Revolution. It ended up being pretty interesting. I think the rich were turned into something like ghouls instead of zombies or vampires.

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Sister's been in surgery since 10 this morning. Still waiting on news. She had to get work done to shorten the rods in her spine because last time they left hooks in.

personally if i had the energy and desire to, i could write a story about Christine Daae being asexual and aromantic and tricking herself into thinking she's in love with the phantom/ Angel of Music as a means of coping with her lack of attraction in a society that demands she become a wife

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other public domain characters that you could write queer retellings of if you wanted to:

James Bond
Sherlock Holmes
Peter Pan's entire cast
Christine Daae
Alice in Wonderland's entire cast
Snow White
All of the characters from Arthurian legends
Pretty much any old western hero and villain you can name from lore
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King's entire cast (I think)
Oliver Twist

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dracula is in public domain now so i expect to see trans dracula get the novel they deserve. i'm WAITING.

thinkin about the hideous amount of radioactive fallout that was scattered all across the united states as a result of above-ground nuclear tests, and how much suffering it's likely caused over decades. and how the US government *knew* how far and pervasively nuclear fallout scatters -- they made a deal with Kodak because of the damage radiation causes to film, thousands of miles away!

During the cold war everyone was worried about the USSR nuking the US, but really the US nuked the US.

I thought I was decent at Esperanto but after watching the livestream and listening... I need more practice. I think I was just getting used to certain types of content.

I read a quote about Orwell's Animal Farm, saying that it's an educational missile lobbed at children to get them to stop thinking of revolution, and now I'm wondering about the ways we use literature to suppress dissent.

Waiting for them to cool but I made 6 extra large pumpkin peanut butter cups.

Today is unit 6 of hunters ed. I ended up not getting to it yesterday because I fell down a Latin rabbit hole. Ended up watching Halloween and figuring out the various number systems.

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