Goal is to finally get my Latin workbook before December and finally study it without having to deciper weird cryptic side panels for grammar.

LLPSI made me waste like two years going back and forth in confusion over those grammar notes. I'm sticking with Latin via Ovid until I've got a grip on the basics.

Walked my dog this morning and saw some brave soul getting solar installed. I really hope they don't get sued. ... It was a beautiful sight.

Every social service under Capitalism is nothing but an appeasement tool, they're not meant to be efficient.

can anyone help me out with 20 bucks so I can eat this weekend, i literally have nothing left to eat while I'm looking for work

paypal: tgrehawi@gmail.com
cashapp: $digitalcreature

if you find yourself in a position of needing mobility aids, and you have the option to do so, get the mobility aid that suits your visual aesthetic. like your cane doesn't need to be nearly invisible unless you want it to be. if being a little bit extra ensures you're actually going to use your aids and feel good about it, then just fucking do it.

Sounds a lot like Neofeud, where landlord, corporate lord, government lord re-merge into the Kingdom of Techno-King / CEO Musk/Bezos.

Listening to some social ecology lectures this evening. ... There's a lot to learn.

Live with an early stream today bc I wanna play more Total Mayhem before the games roll over. Come cheer me on 🎉


Neofeud is 70% off! Help some Hawaiians pay some bills, do education work, and keep the roof over the kids as well as complete Neofeud 2! (Also you get an anti-imperialist #indigenous-made #cyberpunk game :) )

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Zephyr's trying to be a good dog today after running away yesterday.

I want to remind everyone: fuck the copyright system

landback fuck


A Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site.”

I logged on to a Zoom meeting and not 10 minutes in my dad takes Zephyr outside with the emergency harness and she runs away. ... I almost blacked out 4x trying to catch her. Fam tried 4x to grab her failing but I got her in the end.

Between my adhd, auditory processing disorder, and anxiety.... Zoom has a very special place in hell.

This blew up in Kansas City.

A man is being threatened with fines or even imprisonment over the native wildflowers growing in his front yard.




It was too early for the family pep talk of... 'you're not useless, you're depressed. Get a mind like water...' I tried to tell them that a mind like water doesn't help if you are in a swimming pool. They didn't get it. So, I'm going to explain it here.

You can be a positive person and it might get you somewhere in life. But if there is any type of structural concept that rules society that say's you're out. You are against everyone in trying to move forward. I'm not saying don't keep fighting. I'm saying recognize that it isn't you that is broken. If you feel depressed it's for a reason. You can be a happy person and not have opportunity. You can be a depressed person and not have opportunity. The point here is to realize it just might not be you that's the problem but the walls society built to keep you out. Once you recognize those walls, there's only one thing to do. Tear them down.

The walls are institutional & heriarchical.

from bannockbumbitch on twitter


It's #SettlerSaturday again, and i'm here to boost our moving/rent fund. Im a reconnecting nehiyâw, and my bestie is Afro-Indigenous. We are both chronically ill and disabled, and temporarily staying w my mom. pls help in any way possible 💖 t.co/YTbFHEIRfo hayhay(thx u) t.co/8ervmA8t5O

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