Yooo kanatatradeco.com/

Indigenous-run company making (mostly) face-masks.

Indigenous student got a scholarship (via indspire.ca/) and is now making face-masks to raise money for that fund.

A lot of these masks probably... aren't really appropriate for non-Indigenous folk to wear (and some probably aren't appropriate if you aren't in a particular tribe or band, just at a glance)

But maybe share it to your Indigenous friends? I only just heard of it, and these are /gorgeous/ I really wanna find an excuse to buy one.

Tourists coming to Hawaii taking vaccines from Hawaiians who have been hardest hit is just the latest in a long list of abuses and exploitation by the mostly foreign-owned tourism industrial complex, and colonization of our people generally.

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A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other. #mutualaid


Anyone wanna send a Latinx enby $40 for a binder? 🌈🖤 #boost
Venmo: hamsterpower91
Cash App: $hamsterpower

Today I had enough activity and people in chat to surpass affiliate... But, Twitch is still skewing my average. -_- So, no affiliate yet.

Good new is: I got 1620 in puzzles. :D

Rant, Student Loans 

What do you do when you get locked out of your student loan account and they won't reply to help you get back in? I mean... I've messaged twice. Attempted email. Wrote an actual letter, and attempted their ridiculous security protocols multiple times.

I finished watching 'The Uncanny Counter' and now... I need a season 2 but they haven't announced one and it sucks...



Please boost and support a Black Deaf Autistic person’s survival fund after escaping domestic violence. Covid and discriminatory and racist landlords mean that they are still looking for safe housing and need support with ongoing needs and expenses!

Thank you!

Hey guys! For those who do commissions, how do you send your art to people? Also, what's the best site to do money through? I've heard some are worse then others. Thanks guys! Boosts help!

A Nazi to Block 

Fucking named Atlas, god damned Ayn Rand....

Asking for money 

Gdi I really didn't want to do this... I need money. 😔 My $600 rent is due in 8 days, and I have $75 (which is about to disappear to other upcoming bills). I should probably be trying to get out to do doordash, but between my depression, my car being 1000 miles overdue for an oil change, and the people I deliver to not taking the pandemic seriously and throwing huge maskless parties (I have asthma so exposing myself to those jerks is exta risky), not to mention so many of them tipping so little I actually LOSE money delivering to them...I'm just really uncomfortable doing that.

I start my new job this Wednesday but I still won't get a paycheck for another week or two after that, and I don't know how many hours they intend on giving me, so I'm in an awkward spot right now. I'm hoping this will be the last time I need to ask for help though. Anything anyone can give would be very helpful, but no obligation. Also boosts are appreciated. Thank you.


Take that productivity! I got all of February pretty much scheduled and organized. 😈

Asking for money for tonight's food, boosts + 

Hey, me and Tess are both feeling very ill (disability stuff) at the same time, which means making food isn't really a thing. If anyone could paypal us like 15 or something for takeout we'd be really appreciative, and I can digitally paint you something cute in return if you feel like it! Paypal.me/tessoftime

Caught some friends streams and then studied Latin with a friend. I really forgot a lot in those few months away from LLPSI. I'm trying to catch up on everything I've forgotten while learning new material and it's difficult but worth it. For some reason I don't really wanna give it up at all now. I'm too invested in it. lol Anyways, gonna work on sketching some noses tonight.

Played some otb chess with psychicvoltage tonight. Got to break out the tournament board. Was pretty fun. :)

it's a good day to remember nonbinary folks don't owe you androgyny 😎

There's a petition running to help fund the National Library of Wales, which is currently struggling financially. Would be nice if people signed this.
#Cymru #Wales

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