One of the main reasons we haven't been posting about the Amazon being on fire is despair. We're all still in shock, trying to gather information, trying to process what is happening and has been happening without us noticing for the past two weeks. We don't know how to mourn something so incomprehensible something so unfathomable that simply putting it into words makes it feel too real. Writing about it is an acceptance that it is indeed happening and no one truly wants to write about something this horrifying. But we need to, because while we are sitting here trying to process it, the Amazon still burns. We need to get our shit together and act. It's happening and we can't stop what's already been destroyed but we can help with recovery, with reforested, with exponential growth. We need to protect the rainforest, help it heal, help us heal, and replant wherever we may be. We need a global diy reforestation movement.

β€˜Twitter, Facebook, Instagramβ€”we can all agree that these are serious timewasters. But what about The Economist or War and Peace? How much can you really remember from all of those New York Times op-eds you’ve read? Could you summarize the major themes of Grapes of Wrath? Most knowledge worth having comes from practice. It comes from doing. It comes from creating.β€˜

πŸ‘ More in the vein of β€œSure X is shit but then Y & Z too”. Humorous too. And not over-edited. 1000% agree.

β€˜Reading about the trade war with China doesn’t make you smarterβ€”it gives you something to say at dinner parties. It gives you the illusion that you have the vaguest idea what is happening in our enormously complex world.’

🀣 agree. I’ve been ridiculed for years for avoiding news as β€œreality pollution” but can recommend.

I meditate on the train and walk. On feet, open eyes, counting breaths or attentive β€œwhat is this? And… is it real?” Don’t underestimate filling your time with total emptiness.

β™» RT

#Brazil 23.08: Thousands of people marched in #SΓ£oPaulo, against the neo-fascist Bolsonaro government's attacks in the #Amazon rainforest.


The ultimate revenge for the Amazon would be to plant so many trees on every corner that we reforest the world.

It's been a good weekend so far. Spent the morning outside with my dog, a cup of tea, and watched the humming birds. Now I'm staring at my ceiling as prism rainbows move across it. The ultimate in lazy days. ...

Preserving some leaves from our walk in the forest for an upcycled botanical frame.

I wish I could make everything better for everyone. It fucking sucks seeing people hurting.

Where First, Second, Third World terminology came from 

Hypothesis: Anything a philanthropist can give the world as a gift, the world should have had by rights

Wanna pack up all my stuff and move to a nowhere town and buy a shitty house and run it like a commune and start seeding other commune houses in the nowhere town, and just spend all day gardening and visiting friends and helping people do their work, and not being a wage slave to a pot shop.

Making Spanish flashcards today and might visit the woods.

Today's progress:

Duolingo Spanish
Latin translation
Throwing Sheyd podcast episode 5
Good Omens episode 1
2hrs Spanish livestream
The Greatest Showman
2 weeks worth of a mooc
Video games

And I still had time to kill. Being on break from uni is amazing.

Please help my daughter. She’s been through worse than anyone should ever have to endure. She deserves so much better.


Bad news. I just learned I won't be getting sick pay for last month's work I had to take off due to anxiety. My rent is due before my first student loan comes in. Which is very, very bad. I don't have enough money. Please RT, I am facing homelessness.

Self-care tips for crappy news days:

- chocolate
- musicals
- puppies
- nature
- Podcasts
- spa day at home


Tea and Throwing Sheyd podcast time. I need a break from the news.

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