I honestly hope these two can be turned opensource in the future because this is the best set up I have ever seen. I can manage documents, hashtag databases, schedule, set up a portfolio, organize pitches, set up interview questions and more all from these two apps.

If you are setting up a huge project like a blog, magazine, livestream, podcast, video channel etc. I highly suggest you use the following:

- AirTable
- Todoist

Sync those two to your phone and add the inbox extensions. Anytime you get an email you can turn it into a to do item. Anytime you get data, you put that in your custom databases. It's hell to set up but it pays off big time.

Wrestling is man's oldest form of martial art. It has existed in many Cultures, in many incarnations, since the dawn of recorded history. It is well documented that the ancient Greeks had a long history and great passion for the sport. What is relatively unknown is that the Gaelic peoples of Ireland and Scotland have a long history of their own with the grappling arts. The first mention of wrestling in a Gaelic land is the description of the Games of Tailtinn in 632 B.C.E.. These games were held from this early date until 1169 C.E.. There is a relief carved into the Market Cross at Kells that shows two wrestlers gripping each other as if at the start of a bout. This cross is dated from the 8th century, predating any incursions from the Norse, who many credit as being very influential in the spread of the grappling arts in the Gaelic lands.

@PsychicVoltage Welcome to SBC! Hopefully we'll get some history threads in the future?

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i post in lowercase because i鈥檓 anticapitalist

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Looking for Crafters willing to make/donate red bracelet's in exchange for donations for a MMIW event I'm hosting alongside my book signing to raise money and awareness. 馃挴% of what's made off a bracelet will be put towards various MMIW funds. A crafter blurb will go on the back so please write a little about yourself. PM for mailing address. 馃槉鈾ワ笍馃挄馃挄

Writing up some guides for new writers today. Here's the first two.

Pitching Guide:

*The only thing I would recommend if you are using my guide for sites other than BrontideJournal is do not include an author blurb.

Got invited to something really big but I鈥檓 sworn to secrecy! All I can say is it鈥檚 one of those amazing once in a lifetime opportunities and I just barely made it because I鈥檓 an editor and freelance writer!! Also, I will be the only one there that isn鈥檛 a big shot so I鈥檝e gotta brush up on a lot of stuff in a short amount of time.

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