Fracking has been banned across the UK with immediate effect!

The one active site here was closed in the summer due to the earthquakes it was causing, but other sites were being explored.

This is a victory for protestors!

@puffinus_puffinus the way the bbc reported it, it’s not actually a ban it’s just ‘suspended’. I think they went into a bit more detail further down the article

@becky hmmmm. That's disappointing. A lot of people irl have been saying similar things.

@puffinus_puffinus @becky

if the UK persists with fracking and becomes financially dependent on the gas/oil etc as has already happened in the Netherlands, *this* is what people will have to endure..


@vfrmedia @puffinus_puffinus wow I didn’t know much about fracking in relation to NL before.

The older I get the more I understand my nan saying “interfere too much and nature will take back what’s hers”

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