It's Canada Day, and Algeria just defeated Tanzania and made to the All-Africa Soccer Cup playoffs. This is what is currently happening in Montreal's Little Maghreb.

In any European country, there would be a nativist/nationalist riot. But hey (with every anticolonialist caveat) Happy Canada Day.

Ps. The Chilean flag is the cherry on top.

Empowering thought of the day: hey I'm actually an able-bodied, ridiculously highly educated, home-owning, tax-paying, cis, straight-presenting, white-perceived, adult man with very sustainable debt obligations, a ring on my finger and a kid in daycare.

How am I going to use all these superpowers today?

Quiz for you: who are these people and why are they symbolically important?

(Hint: the monogram on the curtain.)

It's April 12, so happy Vostok 1 anniversary!

"Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!" ~Y.Gagarin

Happy Yuri's Night!

Spotted in a paper:

"The gender is a boolean attribute where 1 refers to males and 0 to females."


Next time you run into someone calling Tsipras and SYRIZA a "radical leftist" or even a "leftist", show them this picture. They are aligning Greece with the worst imperialists of the area, giving legitimacy to Netanyahu right before the election, and signing to jointly promote "energy stability" (i.e. oil and gas extraction and pipelines) in the Eastern Mediterannean. The worst kind of geopolitics and drum beating, with the worst kind of climate-destroying investments, with the worst possible partners.

I move to make the Three Billy Goats Gruff the official anti-trolling mascots.

(For those of you without three-and-a-half year olds who can't go to sleep without 3-5 stories:

Lenin checkmates Alexander Bogdanov with Maxim Gorky looking on.

OMG they have a marionette theatre and it looks like what you think it should look like:

Coat of arms of Imereti Kingdom during the reign of king Solomon II, 1803

Beautiful old school printing.

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