OMG they have a marionette theatre and it looks like what you think it should look like:

Coat of arms of Imereti Kingdom during the reign of king Solomon II, 1803

Beautiful old school printing.

is the other face of . It's important to remember that it's ALSO utopia-punk. Here is my most intuitive example: think of a night that everyone feels safe walking around in. That pretty much sums it up, really.

But more generally: a night with the song of crickets, with friends waiting for you at the park with guitars, with lying on the ground stargazing, and with singing songs of farewell to loved comrades who came to visit but now have to return to their homes in the asteroid belt.

I recently found out about the "Semiotic Square" (see and ) and I've been trying to understand where fits in. This is far in as I've managed to go, starting from the category of Utopia. Can anyone help? What do people think?

bell hooks said it much better than Gillette's marketing team.

The Canadian establishment (via the Globe&Mail) laments that people outside of Alberta generally just don't want pipelines.

Here's a radical idea: let's move away from an economic paradigm based on fossil fuel extraction, export and burning. Then there will be none of this drama and we can all get along with our lives.

Thanassis Veggos playing the character of Dikaiopolis in a production of Aristophanes' The Acharnians.

One more year in exile from utopia. We'll get there though. 🌄🌈❤️

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