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Nikos Papazoglou "Paravasi", from Dionysis Savvopoulos "Acharnis".

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Thanassis Veggos playing the character of Dikaiopolis in a production of Aristophanes' The Acharnians.

Radio-Canada reporting that pot selling stalls are multiplying in Kanesatake and the police can't do anything because they don't have authority on res.

This is coming after a controversy about they mayor of Oka raising panic that if the local indigenous reservation reveives a parcel of land (that had precipitated the Oka Crisis) there would be marijuana selling stalls.

Fucking colonialist settlers, man. Fucking colonialist settlers. They just can't deal with the concept of indigenous sovereignty. They just can't.

It's Canada Day, and Algeria just defeated Tanzania and made to the All-Africa Soccer Cup playoffs. This is what is currently happening in Montreal's Little Maghreb.

In any European country, there would be a nativist/nationalist riot. But hey (with every anticolonialist caveat) Happy Canada Day.

Ps. The Chilean flag is the cherry on top.

Free Carola Rakete, the heroic captain of Sea Watch 3 who after weeks at sea, put the life and well-being of tens of asylum seekers above the petty prohibitions of the Italian state and forcefully docked the ship in Lampedusa!

No one is illegal! Asylum is a right!

Down with the inhumane Italian/EU asylum system! Down with Salvini!

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It is time for tech workers to realize that we are not elite. We are a labor class, one that is increasingly disenfranchised and marginalized. We come to work, build code or servers to specifications, and then we go home. Companies look to minimize pay and benefits, to prevent workers from organizing, and at the same time instill the promise of the mission so workers will stay loyal.

Nothing we do is magic. Tech work is a skill, like any other. It is a skill that some can't perform. I can't lift heavy shit or mix concrete or design bridges or fly a plane. Some folks can't code or sysadmin. Some folks are better at these skills than others. This is the general human condition, in the context of skills and learning, and no one is better or more elite than anyone else because of their skills or lack thereof.

I have watched companies time and time again refuse to offer mentorship and training because their more skilled workers couldn't be bothered. They stop offering lower-skilled jobs because the more skilled workers refuse to work with people "who can't keep up".

It's just awful and it's a situation that we white men of tech created, encourage, and sustain.

I wish the EU countries' concentration camps got as much attention and mainstream outcry as those of the US.

I'm sorry, but I'm just not an anarchist.

Utopia is about what can be in the future.

But when looking at the past, one has to be relentlessly realistic.

unpopular opinion, tankie-ism 

Cromwell was a brutal genocidal asshole.
Jefferson was a racist slave owning hypocrite.
Napoleon was a war-mongering megalomaniac.
Bourgeois republican democracy was built on the blood and tears and the betrayed dreams of millions.
Compared to feudalism, absolutism, etc? Worth it.

The USSR, PRC, etc, the experience of 20th century Really Existing Socialism was blood stained, criminal, atrocious.
Please excuse me for according it the same benefit of the doubt as I do bourgeois republican democracy.

No more, no less.

Milton Friedman’s Economic Racism: The godfather of neoclassical economics ignored the market forces of discrimination and slavery.

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Is this a different way of saying I'm a Trotskyist?

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I want to be rooting for the equivalent of Guy Verhofstadt, the Nancy Pelosi or the Thomas Mulcair of the Supreme Soviet. Someone who would be a "co-op sellout", a moderate progressive, a "realistic reformer". But all in the unshakeable and unchallenged context of a socialist state.

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This is what I call the "liberal tankie" position: I want to feel about and exist in a USSR-type state the way bleeding heart left-liberal patriotic Americans feel about the USA.

Basically, I want a bona-fide state-socialist system that is robust, comfortable and confident enough in its institutions that it welcomes dissent and civil society engagement as a means to renew and evolve itself.

Basically a less crappy version of Gorbachev's perestroika??

After reviving an old alt, I now have 3 accounts:
1) @acharnes in SBC is the main one
2) @acharnes is where I post liberal tankie stuff
3) @acharnes is where I post in French

I'm very slow posting in all 3. So basically I have no idea what the hell I'm doing with mastodon.

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SBC meta 

As I've stated a few weeks ago, I'm currently looking for a replacement to take over ownership of the domain and our servers. I still haven't found a permanent replacement, which means I will have to shut down the site in due time.

My personal circumstances have changed drastically over the last year and I no longer have the resource or energy to invest in SBC. I haven't been able to keep up with the Mastodon community and I've fallen out of sync with recent developments. Sunbeam City deserves better than an absentee admin and I can not in good conscience keep the place running without stronger participation.

If any of our longer term users would be happy to take on this responsibility get in touch with me, otherwise over the next few weeks I will be starting the process of shutting the site and co-op down over the next few weeks, beginning with a cooperative proposal on what to do with our excess funds.

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When I flew back from London to Seattle, we passed over a stunningly-melting . Earlier in my lifetime (I'm 51) this would have all been frozen solid all summer.

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