"HIV used to cure 'bubble boy' disease"

That's some prime genehacking right there. That's what humanity CAN be people: grab one of the goddamn riders of the apocalypse by the goddamn hair, and make it work for healing babies.

We CAN unfuck this world.

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Started listening to Rutger Bregman's "Utopia for Realists". Let's see what this particular idealist has to say.

Quiz for you: who are these people and why are they symbolically important?

(Hint: the monogram on the curtain.)

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[SCIENTISTS]: "We're running out of water."

[NORMAL PERSON]: "We should probably stop using it in wasteful, unnecessary ways, like fracking."

[NEOLIBERALS]: "Let's raise its cost to discourage ppl from wasting it. We are geniuses."

Alberta produces more greenhouse gases than Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick combined. They just elected a hard right provincial government.

I am frustrated by supposed anti-colonial takes bordering schadenfreude about Notre Dame. I am also frustrated by how quickly rich people pour millions in donations for a prestigious reconstruction project when people are drowning in the Mediterranean.

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Hey, this zine that I worked on in out. NODE Vol 01, free digital release and physical preorder, n-o-d-e.net/nodevol01.html

This first volume is 150 pages long, and, it's packed with features on P2P projects, such as Dat, Beaker, Ricochet IM, Aether. There are tutorials showing projects like the new NODE Mini Server, 3D print long range wifi antennas, how to chat via packet radio, and how to Libreboot the Thinkpad X200. There's also a handy open source directory at the back, and more!

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It's April 12, so happy Vostok 1 anniversary!

"Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!" ~Y.Gagarin

Happy Yuri's Night!

@stabilo "Break the bathroom doors"? With a picture of a punk kicking down a bathroom stall door.

Spotted in a paper:

"The gender is a boolean attribute where 1 refers to males and 0 to females."


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