Hamsters are old gods and deserve respect so I've hung this over Hamoo's cage to remind all. Top left sketch by my partner

selfie, teeth, ranting about Canada's privatized dental industry 

selfie, eye contact, hamster 

selfie eye contact 

What's something you're secretly proud of in regards to your body? Mine is that I have incredibly sharp teeth so if anyone tries to hurt me I have secret weapons in my mouth as a last line of defense.

Me: hey Creator why'd you give me such sharp teeth
Cosmic creator knowing I'm going to be alive during a resurgence of extreme violent nationalism:

And this is what it looks like when I'm sitting in my chair and he has to cuddle with me. doesn't realize he's HUGE. Sidenote the shadows on my face makes it look like Im sporting a sweet scruff


says NO to uniformed police presence in and hopes everyone has a fantastic December except the people shutting down debates on uniformed police in pride parades

I Can't Believe There's No Content So I'll Post My Painting To Get Things Rolling.

Do nippleless boobs count as sensitive content or have I been traumatized by ?

I love that I get to wake up and see the gentle sweet face of an animal that trusts me completely sleeping peacefully beside me. The relationship between pet and owner is so intimate and full of love

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