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If you were ever bullied; thank you for existing. If you ever felt like an outsider; thank you. If you ever felt like the only one in the world who cared about you was you; thank you. If you aren't afraid of seeing reality for what it is and not what society thinks it is; thank you. If you ever questioned authority; thank you. If you ever stuck up for someone; thank you. If you ever befriended someone specifically because you knew they had no one else; thank you. If you ever felt persecuted for existing; thank you. If you ever lost your temper and apologized heartfeltfully; thank you. If you ever did a kind act for strangers without being asked to; thank you. If you ever cried yourself to sleep at night; thank you. If you ever cried alone in the bathroom; thank you.

Knowing there is someone out there who can relate to my worst moments and desiring to find and connect with them has carried me through most hardships. So thank you for being here, on Earth, at the same time as me.

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veganism, food deserts 

I love vegans for what they do to save the planet and animals, but some of them don't realize food deserts still exist so being militant toward "omnivores" and their diets isn't helpful. Insisting a vegan diet is cheap isn't helpful. Insisting a vegan diet is cheap and people who don't do it are lazy is trashy to say the least.

Food deserts are real in urban and rural spaces, wherever the poverty is. We need cheaper nutritional food to be more available in order for veganism and it's benefits to get a strong foothold. That means local grow ops and solarpunk transformations of living spaces. Being snide achieves nothing. Rant over.

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*super smash Bros ultimate theme song playing in the background at my funeral*
*My body is flung around the room on a string with swords taped to my limbs*
*A puppeteer makes me fight the guests*

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Africans and African descendants have lived in England for as far back as the Roman invasion. Thus, non white immigrants have always been a minority a of British society. In the 13th century and before, the colour of someones skin wasn't considered a trait worthy of much mention in the UK. You won't find them in records easily thus until the 16th century. It was only around the time of Queen Elizabeth I that the expulsion of black folks in the name of white population growth became a hot political topic. It wasn't until the 16th century when black people were commonly distinguished as "different" by being referred to as Blackmoors - essentially "black blacks." Thus, it has also always been British culture to be racist and xenophobic. It's as entwined in British culture as the monarchy and tea are.

@Vixlia There's actually a bit of backstory behind that!

Because of, well, the diaspora and slavery, African American culture has been entirely severed from African culture to the point where no Black person born in the states can trace their ancestry further than the first documented slave.

As such, Black is its own ethnicity and should be capitalized like Chinese, Italian, et al.

As Black History Month draws to a close, here's a few things to keep in mind that (most) Black people are tired of reiterating:

- "One of the good ones" is a statement that should never leave your lips.

- Calling us various color-appropriate candies has diminishing returns.

- No, you're not entitled to your One just because we're friends. Be thankful if we even give you One.

- We can totally differentiate accidents from intentional bigotry, don't panic.

- Capitalize the B.

very lewd 

Hey uhhh can I suck the wax from your ear with my zoellner suction tube

selfie ec , ugly pajama shirt 

Woke up with that dead anime mom hairstyle

Quoiromantic: not being able to distinguish romantic and platonic attraction or finding the distinction useless.
It's also sometimes called WTFromantic. (because what the fuck even is romance!?)

I think the worst thing about capitalism (for now, my viewpoint may further evolve) is how people are wrung dry for every ounce of profitable productivity in their bodies with no regard to their status as humans. People think this gets better when you're your own boss but arguably it's even worse. The "rise and grind" and "I'll rest when I'm dead" mentality is unhealthy, leaving behind scores of people burnt out, numb, and disillusioned with life.

its really cold in canada - try to look out extra for folks you see on the street in this weather / cops being horrible mention 

Giving people money is basically giving someone a reason to be indoors for as long as it takes to have a coffee or a meal without being accused of loitering.

even though im really anxious about talking to strangers, i can still drop money in hats/cups/wtv.

but i also just saw something about toronto cops pouring cold water on homeless folks and their belongings in our recent -22 weather. so also you can get waterproof emergency blankets pretty cheap at canadian tire and sporting goods stores. i think they're usually 5-10 bucks a pop and they are small and easily folded up to fit in a pocket, easy to have on hand to give someone if they could use for it. can be used to protect the person or their stuff, their choice.


it's funny that people think the thing we had before cars was horses, no binch we had streetcars and the subway, and we also walked places a lot because we didn't live in suburbs the size of new hampshire.


I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

a very passionate toot about zucchini 

zucchini are just demonic lying cucumbers!!!!!!! you think it's a cucumber but it tastes like lies!!


Why do computers hate me? Every laptop I touch finds a way to break itself when I'm just trying to write stories. I don't! Do! Anything! I go on YouTube and write fucking stories So why! Are! My! Files! Corrupted! And! Can't! Be! Opened! I'm already crying because computers are the devil and just want to hurt me

Top 10 Popular DRM-free Bookshops on Libreture this month:

- Wizard's Tower Press
- Brain Mill Press
- Ylva Publishing
- Peter Watts
- Monte Cook Games
- Star Trek Books
- Green Ronin Publishing
- Argyll Books
- Down and Out Books

Find details and even more DRM-free Bookshops:

so it's official, the government is trying to kill me. i cant survive off £93 a week, especially when we're being hit with such cold weather. i literally cannot work, i'm disabled, even standing for longer than 20 minutes can put me in severe pain. walking to the local store is difficult enough. at this rate i will have to decide between freezing or starving within the month.

if you have the ability, please consider donating so that i can keep the lights on.

The internet is not the domain of white sensibilities. It is not the property of the most awful people humanity has to offer.

It is for all of us. There is space for everyone to have healthy community that actually edifies and brightens our lives rather than make it worse.

Many people who just so happen to be white do not believe that and they specifically target people like me to ruin our experience and sour the well.

But they cannot stop what I'm doing. They can't stop what we are building

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pic of me body image negative 

I've always fucking hated my legs but whatever

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