@Vixlia There's actually a bit of backstory behind that!

Because of, well, the diaspora and slavery, African American culture has been entirely severed from African culture to the point where no Black person born in the states can trace their ancestry further than the first documented slave.

As such, Black is its own ethnicity and should be capitalized like Chinese, Italian, et al.

As Black History Month draws to a close, here's a few things to keep in mind that (most) Black people are tired of reiterating:

- "One of the good ones" is a statement that should never leave your lips.

- Calling us various color-appropriate candies has diminishing returns.

- No, you're not entitled to your One just because we're friends. Be thankful if we even give you One.

- We can totally differentiate accidents from intentional bigotry, don't panic.

- Capitalize the B.

Please donate if you can.
Temperatures in Chicago are going to be as low as NEGATIVE SIXTY DEGREES FARENHEIT (yes, you read that right, -60ยฐF). Please help fund tickets for those who are without shelter to ride CTA and hopefully survive these temperatures.

This is from my Twitter friend who is active in Chicago leftist action.

PayPal link: paypal.com/pools/c/8bH90a8kFT


You can always tell how thirsty the membership of a Church is by how much of a snack Jesus is depicted as inside.

very lewd 

We are weird sacks of water that occasionally leak

Me: ok here's why we need a revolution to overthrow capitalism. Oh, amd here's how the Russian, Chinese, German and all libetarian revolutions ever have failed to do that.

Other people: ok Lucy, so then what do we do?

Me: *scrambles through stacks of notes* uhhhh, hmmm, fuck, see- well my idea was- uhhh. We just put the good people in charge and hope it works out?

Quoiromantic: not being able to distinguish romantic and platonic attraction or finding the distinction useless.
It's also sometimes called WTFromantic. (because what the fuck even is romance!?)

Omg hahaha. 15 year old me was willing to look past the cringe cuz I had a hard on for emo boys

I think the worst thing about capitalism (for now, my viewpoint may further evolve) is how people are wrung dry for every ounce of profitable productivity in their bodies with no regard to their status as humans. People think this gets better when you're your own boss but arguably it's even worse. The "rise and grind" and "I'll rest when I'm dead" mentality is unhealthy, leaving behind scores of people burnt out, numb, and disillusioned with life.

its really cold in canada - try to look out extra for folks you see on the street in this weather / cops being horrible mention 

If you're moving from art to anarchist blogging, let go of all you know about giving credit.

Quoting someone's radical ideas to a new audience without consent can expose them to dangerous attention.

Reposts are harder to censor and remove than reblog chains.

Being a decent writer shouldn't mean we get popular and acquire social power. Valuing popularity encourages empty 'hot take' culture.

Fuck credit. Steal all my stuff. Our ideas should move freely and belong to all of us.

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it's funny that people think the thing we had before cars was horses, no binch we had streetcars and the subway, and we also walked places a lot because we didn't live in suburbs the size of new hampshire.

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/peterkrupa/status/

I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive: domain-pricing.glitch.me/

a very passionate toot about zucchini 

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