I found out yesterday that since herbalism isn't regulated in the U.S. saying something as simple as 'I'd reccommend mullein... for...' can be considered practicing medicine and subject to legal action.

It's also why a lot of herbal tinctures etc. are labelled with strange names that don't really identify what they are used for...

This goes so far that even in your records, paperwork, or the name of your business can all be subject to legal action based on wording alone.

@RadioAngel "boosts your immune system!"

Yup. Pretty fucked. I guess it's up to us. :akko: :_witchhat: :aloe: :farmcat:

@teslas_moustache I think to some degree even something as simple as that has regulations you have to follow and you still may get in trouble. It sucks.

@RadioAngel "us" being people who know science and don't give a shit about laws.

So, count me in for the second part, but only a tiny bit of the first part.

@teslas_moustache The bad thing is, it keeps the knowledge from being spread. You can't teach others if you have use subterfuge. So, you have to either study it yourself and hope you get accurate information (still won't be all you need). Or take a course which uses subterfuge but tells you they do and may give hints to where you need to find the info. This is probably why Materia Medica's from like pre-1800's are popular with herbalists.

@teslas_moustache I mean... If you've taken a course to get the skills and get ahold of these. Then at least you've got the science part down and can figure out where to go from there.

@RadioAngel that's a good point. I've only read bits and pieces here and there. Where do you go for courses?

(Not that any of them are ideal, clearly. But you probably have good taste.)

@teslas_moustache I applied for a scholarship to the Herbal Academy. As far as I know, I didn't get one. So, I'm fundraising. That seems to be one of the more affordable ones at $2,500 and one of the most detailed. That takes you up to clinical herbalism.

After that you have the option (though not a requirement by any means) to work towards becoming a registered herbalist through the herbalists guild. Which requires 400hrs of clinical experience.

*You can be a practicing herbalist without associating yourself with the guild.

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