PSA: Stores are starting to ban the sale of 'non-essential' items like plants, seeds, and clothes. It's rolling out at random based on local rules.

Some things you may need in the future that could be deemed non-essential:

- Furnace filters
- Light bulbs
- Seeds
- Potting Soil
- Wood
- Oil, etc. for your car.
- Clothes
- Shoes
- Socks (never enough socks)
- Fabric
- Yarn
- Thread
- Other crafting materials.


Is this in a specific locale, or everywhere in corporate stores?

@solarpunkgnome I think it's specific locales but it's been spreading over the past week or two. It just started in Springfield, MO among several other places in the U.S.


I'll have to let my parents know. They're in Missouri still.

@RadioAngel banning the sale of light bulbs? do they like have too many candles they need to sell?

@behold3r Basically, their blocking whole aisles at individual stores to prevent people from staying in the store too long.

@RadioAngel how the fuck they expect us to make masks and stay inside without any repair materials?????
What the fuck

@moss The good thing is we can still order stuff online.

@RadioAngel with postal services collapsing under the weight and getting the eye for the chopping block from 45 and sites deprioritizing 'nonessential' stuff, I doubt that will last much longer.
It's almost like, the only sustainable way to source goods is through a local production network made by people of a community....
Idk idk

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