Watching a Netflix documentary called Sustainable, about the problems with agriculture and industrial food production, and how to fix them. It's very interesting!

A quote from farmer Klaas Martens, being interviewed:
β€œevery one of those [agricultural] problems can be dealt with by improving and increasing the amount of biodiversity. [...] One of my observations from farming is that whenever we have a species be dominant it’s generally the right one for the conditions, and when we have a weed take over a field, it’s quite often nature taking a problem we’ve created and trying to fix it for us.”

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It's Dwarfism Awareness Month. Please take a little time this month to learn about some of the many conditions which cause dwarfism, like achondroplasia and growth hormone deficiency.

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So I rescued this begonia stem a few weeks ago and I've been growing it in an empty glass bottle full of water behind one of my monitors. She's now thanking me by flowering. 🌸


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Here is a whole bowl full of bromeliad seed floof. It feels a little bit like kapok.

Edible mushrooms 

Edible mushrooms 

Edible mushrooms 

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Every single camellia in this whole forest is suffering from the heat. πŸ˜” Poor things...

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