@furkachi @funnypanja as far as I’m concerned, actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to tell everyone how leftist you are, but if you actually are, you shouldn’t even need to use that word. It should be self evident from your attitude.

And if someone needs to actively tell you that they are, then maybe they aren’t.

Really liking the notes mastodon now lets us add to accounts. I can now remind myself why I blocked or muted someone


@furkachi @funnypanja Frankly, this is one reason why I hate that “right” and “left” are so deeply woven into some people’s identities. And why I’m so skeptical of anyone who’s just really eager to tell you about how much of a Leftist™ they are.

@CaribenxMarciaX I do wonder why people don’t fact check themselves more. If I’m trying to make a serious point and I’m in any way uncertain, I’d rather spend half an hour making sure I’m right than misinform a bunch of people. And I feel like the more people are watching, the more obliged I am to do this.

Thing is, I’m this pedantic and I’m sure I still get stuff wrong. It’s really easy to do.

Would it behoove ppl to do a cursory wiki look up on a subject (at minimum) before coming on to the tl and making ahistorical statements about concepts, flags or countries?

Is that too much to ask? The internet.. You are literally using it.. Right now

@AugierLe42e So does France. That hasn’t stopped them from dramatically reducing their CO2 emissions.

@Juju Congratulations on the successful competition of your most recent solar orbit! ☀️

You have now traveled just under 31 billion kilometres in orbits around the Sun, during which time the Sun has traveled 239 billion kilometres through the galaxy ⭐️⭐️⭐️

(No this isn’t a subtoot. At least not at anyone I’ve spoken to recently.)

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There are a lot of people in the world who have no chill. They’re easily identified, because the moment you tell them that they have no chill, they tend to prove your point almost immediately.

@robotcarsley @KitsuneAlicia @zzz As I said, there’s a world of difference between people who can’t vote and people who simply don’t.

@interneteh Honestly, all of mine were just grocery store spring onions. They’re incredibly easy to regrow. Just chop off the green parts for your kitchen and leave a couple of cm of white above the roots. Then those into some wet soil.

Spring onions are basically the same plant as larger onions. They’re just harvested at a different time.

@interneteh Potatoes are hilariously tenacious. When they decide to grow, there isn’t much you can do to persuade them otherwise!

I also got a few seeds from my nasturtiums. I wonder if they’ll germinate...

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With all the heat (and, I must confess, a bit of neglect) my windowsill onions totally dried out. Thankfully, they’re onions, so all but one of them was just sleeping. Impressive, seeing as all of these were regrown from kitchen scraps.

They’re quite forgiving plants to keep!

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@meduz @z112 No, my point is to say that in the upcoming US elections, Biden can’t be worse than Trump. I was fairly clear about that.

Calling me delusional is disrespect. Apparently, this did not even cross your mind. Please do not speak to me again.

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