Evidently, cares more about the environment than does.

I haven't been here in days. Every other part of the internet is full of people talking about the Amazon forest fires. Twitter. Tumblr. Instagram. People are talking about the perpetrators, capitalism and colonialism, the fact that Bolivia (a socialist country) has ordered the world's largest air tanker to combat the flames, repercussions on wildlife, indigenous people whose homes are being lost, and the effects on the whole planet.

On Mastodon, so far I've only seen one post. From a vegan. Saying "we told you so."


personal (negative) 

Regolith simulants have arrived! Time for some plant growth experiments!

Today I’m craving nacatamales!

Tamales from Nicaragua are known as nacatamales. They’re a lot larger than Mexican tamales & pretty different. The dough is prepared differently so it’s a lot softer and there’s a ton more filling. It’s almost a whole meal wrapped in one. The filling is usually meat, rice, potatoes & other vegetables. Sometimes there are chiles, sometimes raisins. The whole thing is too big for corn husks so they’re wrapped in banana leaves & tied with a string to be cooked

@VyrCossont Oh true. I always use the verbose flags just to make things cooler to any nearby Windows users.

@kensanata Oh I see! Yeah, that's fair. I imagine a glass bottle would be lucky to survive 50 round trips!

some surprising sustainability 

Ultimately, that seems necessary to avoid single use plastic waste. As long as it's compostable or recyclable, hopefully that should work out.

I'm curious about the glass bottles though. At least in the UK, the point used to be not that they were recycled, but re-used. Milk deliveries would also pick up the empty ones and they'd be cleaned and refilled. Which feels like it should be better?

We don't have wifi. Pretend it's 1602. Accuse each other of witchcraft.

@kensanata Happy to share the information! Honestly, some of these things surprised me too when I was reading about them.

Now, if we can make those milk bags out of something which is actually compostable, that would be ideal!

@SpunkyAlpaca Anytime πŸ™‚ I think a problem is that a lot of people see things as being too black and white. Some things are "good" while other things are "bad" and that's as much as anyone considers. We should definitely be talking about the bigger picture here. The real world isn't quite so clear cut!

some surprising sustainability 

@Rae @nerdsorrow Pretty much, yeah. Seems like a useful thing to do. Use heat which is already there instead of generating more.

some surprising sustainability 

@Rae @nerdsorrow I've seen a way to construct solar greenhouse heaters using empty cans, black paint, and some old piping. Basically, you make a little solar panel, like those old style ones which heated people's water. Except instead of water, you're heating air and piping it into the greenhouse.

Needs sunlight, of course. I wonder how well it works...

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