Everyone always asks where is Carmen Sandiego. No one ever asks how is Carmen Sandiego.

this is an invitation: tell me your creepy and/or inexplicable story, AS LONG AS IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO YOU! boosts welcome, strangers encouraged to reply.

The Universe contains not only all of space, but also all of time. What we perceive as the past still exists. It always will exist. Like the Sun above the clouds, it stays there even though we can’t see it. It will always be part of the Universe. All the tiny things which make up who you are will always be who you are.

That one time when you did something nice for a complete stranger for no reason? That will always be who you are.

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The Universe is unimaginably vast. It does not have purpose. It simply is. In the face of the Universe’s near-infinite indifference, we must decide our own purpose.

We might decide that our actions are inconsequential, but that isn’t true. Everything has meaning, if we decide that it does.

We might decide that nothing really matters. If that’s true, then why not choose to do something nice? If malice doesn’t matter, then what purpose can it serve?

The Universe does not care about you. But people can, will, and do.

@shonalika I know it isn't the intention. I'm just trying to find an unintended upside to it.

@claude Kinda the same point TBH. Asking ourselves if we *should* do something is a major purpose of philosophy, after all.

@skywise It’s not a good place to live. Those massive stars put out enough UV to cause some deadly sunburn, and have a habit of exploding without warning.

@craigmaloney The RIAA has been on my shitlist since 2003 when they decided to sue a 12 year old for downloading mp3s.

@benhamill @ljwrites note to self: next time I can't sleep, open tumblr and not mastodon

@maloki @ljwrites @benhamill is it actually impossible to have a lighthearted and non-depressing conversation on this decentralised hellsite?

@ljwrites @benhamill omg how does everything i post end up with someone talking about capitalism??

@ljwrites Seems like it's another of those things which someone decided we should change because something something productivity. Sad, really. The world we live in really wasn't designed with our best interests in mind.

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