So... I'm sorry. I think I'm done here.

I don't know who that person was before, but I can't shake their mention of "the clique I appear to be a part of". Evidently, I'm now catching flak for other peoples' toxic behaviour. And I am simply not willing to accept that.

The toxicity of this place has been making me uncomfortable for some time now, and I'm not willing to sit here like a bioremedial sunflower absorbing poison.

So I'm stepping away from this account. I don't know how long for.


To all of you who're supportive, thank you, I appreciate you all. But I'm sure you can understand where I'm coming from here.

I'll still be using my writing account, if anyone wants to follow me there. But I only intend to use it to talk about writing.

I'm exhausted with talking here about anything and everything else.

@InvaderXan It was a pleasure to read you here, I'm sad to learn what happened and I'll hope you'll be better soon. Wish you the best !

@InvaderXan @InvaderXan Moo moo moo ! I don't know what happened and I'm so sorry that it was that toxic. Take care of yourself, as much as possible, that is my wish for you, that you will be alright and have beautiful and joyful moments in your life. I am more than happy to have gotten to know you, to have been able to read you. You're a wonderful person, and I will miss having you around. I wish you the best for the future. Thanks for everything you've done and shared. Sincerely. Moo, moo moo moo 💚

@InvaderXan You will be missed! If there is anything I can do, please let me know! 🧡

@InvaderXan @InvaderXan If you need a break, then you need a break, and it's as simple as that.

Thank you for what you've done, we all appreciate it.

@InvaderXan I will definitely miss you on my timeline, but take care of yourself.

Offered: :flan_hug:

@InvaderXan @InvaderXan I'm sorry to hear this, but I understand. I'm glad I'll still get to hear about your writing. You take good care of yourself 💜

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