Do you have any songs that you identify so strongly with a single moment of your life that listening to them can immediately put you right back in that moment? So much so that you can taste the air and feel the sensations all around you, no matter how long it's been?

@InvaderXan the theme from Requiem for A Dream. Turns out that movie does not mix well with psychedelics

@datatitian @InvaderXan i mean mine was more a Severe Depressive Episode than psychedelics but that also does not mix well lmao


@datatitian @InvaderXan anyway my main one is lying on a mouldy sofa in a warehouse squat listening to royals, completely zooted

@datatitian @InvaderXan yeah its a whole thing and its kinda traumatic for any addict watching it lmao

@InvaderXan voted no but i'm sure there are now that i think about it

it's almost certainly some pop/dance song from a club or party or something that was playing in a bar that i wouldn't know or remember the name of

anything i like, i tend to track down and listen to until it's associated with a whole bunch of other stuff

closest i can name is this hymn since i'm practically always in church at night when i hear it

@InvaderXan Not a moment exactly, but a season. This song:

When I was working on my masters degree and taking a linguistics course on the Structure of Turkish and I'd asked a good friend if he'd be interested in dating and he wasn't so I was sad but still hopeful that our friendship would survive (it did).

@InvaderXan somewhere in the lower recesses of my brain, i'm still lying on my back in the Mojave Desert dirt, listening to "Natti Natti" by AES DANA on a black fifth-generation iPod, watching the stars overhead and realizing that the universe is very large and dark outside my little circle of firelight

@InvaderXan I mean, no, but only because my memory is so shit that I couldn't remember a moment that well anyway, soundtrack or no

@InvaderXan Alexander Ryback's "Into a Fantasy" with my first semester of college.

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