The last big website drama I got involved with was Gaia Online and the aggressive monetization of the site's cash shop which broke the economy.

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Being a denizen of the internet since c.2005 has given me a nose for drama brewing™️ , which is usually a cue to skedaddle. I don't like being involved. I don't have the energy to be involved. It's worth more to me to pack up and move out to find somewhere else.

Filed my taxes. I have done more for society in this crisis than any U.S. Oligarch

Let us cast our bets on which social media CEO is going to be raked over the coals for the algorithms on their site stoking panic and mass hysteria.

And then I'll master cheese making. I'm gonna be unstoppable.

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My response to "world-ending crisis" is apparently "screw this I'm making alcohol in my backyard".

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Steampunk without commentary on the exploitative machinations of imperialism is not steampunk.

Cyberpunk without commentary on capitalism's efforts to buy the world out from under us is not cyberpunk.

Solarpunk without commentary on how to grow a brighter future for everyone instead of submitting to gloom is not solarpunk.

These three make a trifecta of how capitalism took over, what can happen if it continues, and how to prevent it from doing so. What was, is, and still could be.

All this Covid-19 stuff is terrifying to me. Not because of the disease itself, but because of the mass hysteria around it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the best Final Fantasy game of the past decade. Send Toot.

The catalyst for "cancelling" someone should be actual shitty behavior, not "I don't like/am ambivalent about this person so everyone else should be too"

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Lots of people you meet in your adult life are gonna be people you're just ambivalent about or just dislike. Not because they're bad people, but because you're so different from them you're incompatible. A personal dislike shouldn't be an excuse to go digging for things to "cancel" them for.

Half the race discourse on the Internet is like "mixed race people don't exist" because it makes discourse complicated and me personally uncomfortable that a lot of individuals don't fit the neat boxes I've made.

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Being a mixed race kid is weird. Are you white? Are you POC? You're only what the person interacting with you decides is convenient.



Probably got a good portion of my generation into video game creation, if not the medium itself.

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All of that stuff on Kongregate, coolmathgames, addictinggames, etc... were things someone made for *fun*

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