Self care is finally cleaning the K-Pop Stans, Potterheads, Supernatural fans, and MCYT stans out of people you follow on Tumblr.

The term "Girlboss" makes me want to peel my skin off and slither into the depths of the earth never to be seen again

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you want a graphics card to play computer games? pitiful. i am using them and 100x more energy than an indoor weed grow op to make magic coins that live in the computer

huge platforms have the tendency to bring out the worst because of their size. There's no way for someone who's fairly normal with fairly normal interests to stand out amidst a bunch of other people with fairly normal interests.

What grabs people's attention are stunts- vitriolic rage, expressing extremist views, and other extreme behaviors. So sites become millions engaging in further and further behavior for attention.


WTF is with trying to monetize one's social media presence.

News from the birdsite: Premium tweets. LOL I post bullshit for free as the deities intended.

What I'm saying is that if I see another post elevating fictional women on International Women's Day- I will start biting people

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Activist spaces need to be actively hostile towards fandom. Fandom has become a vulture mining the personal experience, trauma, and hard work of genuine activists for points.

It's been sad watching io9 go from a site about speculative fiction and worldbuilding to a shill for the MCU and mainstream nerd culture.

On paper, the entire thesis of democratic society is this: Dissatisfied? Participate.

Democracy lives and dies on participation. Voting is your most basic and essential civic duty.

KPop stans scare me

and they're Stans in the sense of the Eminem song that originates the term

Anyone else have Earthlink as an ISP? I need to know if their service is pretty much dialup speeds anywhere else.

Twitter discourse is levels of deranged Mastadon can only dream of.

Points of note:

-Facebook is deliberately designed to keep users on it -> in front of ads
-Outrage and disgust are really, really good at driving "engagement"
-64% of all users who joined extremist/conspiracy groups did so after facebook recommended them

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