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my favorite thing to do is have absolutely no idea what's going on whenever people are talking about fediverse drama

kinda miss olde school forums where you could have a long serious discussion w/o the need for instant gratification.

It's probably not WW3. It's probably just another 2 decades of occupying a country, draining it dry, and then making movies about how it made some white dude sad.

Something's fucked when one company made 80% of this year's box office revenue.

I'm not one of those Disney is the Death of Art folks, but yeah, Disney is the Death of Art. At least as far as big cinema releases go.

Anyways, Disney and it's properties are owned by control freaks who hate the idea that they don't get to dictate every aspect of people's reactions to their media.

Also the need to control every aspect of a film's publicity before release the whole "no spoilers" to the point of refusing to give the actors the actual shooting script.

It's about "oh what didn't the audiences like about the first one, let's change it". And keep changing it w/each new release.

The new star wars trilogy is an Ur example of how focusing on marketability kills a story.

I love seeing in the Leftist internet that being racist is OK as long as your targets are Chinese or Slavic (they don't no the difference between anything in Eastern Europe- it's Russians all the way down)

Internet Predators, pedophilia 

Internet Predators, pedophilia 

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skiers, mind how you go this weekend: a backcountry avalanche warning was just issued for the ENTIRE Cascade Range, eastern and western slopes, from Canada to Oregon.

Because I used to not see any of the sponsored posts, now they're just turning up in my feed every few posts like they're people I follow.

Did twitter just roll out a new kind of advertising that circumvents standard adblock procedures?

There's also twine for dialogue heavy games, but a lot of the main conceit of this game is that it's a fantasy RPG type world. The fact that it looks like something cutesy and pixel arty is deliberate dissonance between it's main plot which involves the legacy of a horrific war crime.

The crippling realization that a lot of this game's emotional impact comes from being able to choose between at least 2 different dialogue options.

MFW you have to figure out conditional statements for RPG maker.

Lush is farmer's market beauty products but gentrified.

Never understood Lush when I just get soap from the Farmer's Market. It's cheaper and with better scents and supports local business.

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