Oh boy do I hate being right about the HBO Generic Fantasy Soap Opera.

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Calling it now, the ending of the Game of Thrones TV series is gonna be on par with the ending of "How I Met Your Mother".

A lot of angry, disappointed people and it collectively just slides out of the public consciousness

IDK if any of the creators are on Mastadon, but they need to know their show is fantastic and I want more of it.

"Unwell" is a fantastic podcast. It's a slow-burn midwestern gothic horror story.

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Bill McKibben on the need to relearn faith in humanity: “we need to address the two most insidious ideas deployed in defence of the status quo. The first is that there is no need for mass resistance because each of us should choose for ourselves the future we want. The second is that there is no possibility of resistance because the die is already cast.”


Solid mechanics isn't a common theme as well as LOTRO's basically "click on skills" and TES's combat is so absurdly broken depending on the build that it's not even funny.

Other running themes in the list seem to be a lot of time for contemplation along with a strong focus on narrative or world.

Dark Souls got edged out of the list by Lord of the Rings Online despite arguably being the "better" games.

LOTRO was more of a formative influence on my early gaming days than Dark Souls. Dark Souls was something I only really got into after I was more into playing video games.

Might also be that a lot of RPGs are pretty mechanically similar, not that that's a bad thing.

Might be that for some like Mass Effect, I didn't finish the whole game yet. Or for say Dragon Age a lot of annoyances with story/worldbuilding made me not consider it as a top 10.

Considering that I love RPGS, it's really weird to me that my top 10 so to speak doesn't really include many of the RPGs I have played.

Top 10 personal fave Video Games, not in any ranking order:
1. Bastion
2. Transistor
3. Lord of the Rings Online
4. Elder Scrolls Series
6. Abzu
7. Night in the Woods
8. Pillars of Eternity
9. Stardew Valley
10. Okami

Block corporate social media accounts. Deny them any other kind of attention or response.

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