On paper, the entire thesis of democratic society is this: Dissatisfied? Participate.

Democracy lives and dies on participation. Voting is your most basic and essential civic duty.

KPop stans scare me

and they're Stans in the sense of the Eminem song that originates the term

Anyone else have Earthlink as an ISP? I need to know if their service is pretty much dialup speeds anywhere else.

Twitter discourse is levels of deranged Mastadon can only dream of.

Points of note:

-Facebook is deliberately designed to keep users on it -> in front of ads
-Outrage and disgust are really, really good at driving "engagement"
-64% of all users who joined extremist/conspiracy groups did so after facebook recommended them

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Things which have ruined the internet:

• Advertising
• Facebook culture
• Gamer gate
• Content™ algorithms
• Genericisation of social media
• Paywalls

Did I miss anything?

There's an entire graduate level thesis in sociology about the current state of the internet, corporatized social media, the need for "authenticity" in digital spaces, the cult of the celebrity, and parasocial relationships

something something theatre only accessible to the wealthy something something immigrant experience as told by a "success story" something something American dream co-opted by capitalism

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"Hamilton: The Musical" having an actual official recording years after the fact and only on Disney+ is some kind of political commentary all on its own.

Twitter thinks it's got drama down. I lived through fandom c.Mid-2000s. Twitter drama burns out in days. Fanwank from the 2000s could go on for YEARS.

I am not the Avatar of the Eye from the Magnus Archives with omniscient overview several layers deep into who I follow and who follows me. I have neither the time or the energy to dig for Things That Put Me in A Bad Headspace

Twitter needs to learn that the block button isn't there to make a statement, it's there to deal with things that blow your way that you don't want to see because no one knows who's got who blocked.

Incest. Mentioned in a fandom shipping context 

Twitter culture confuses me, suddenly half the people I follow are posting the details of someone who must be blocked for these reasons. I was unaware that this person and their heinous content existed up until this point. Thank you for putting this right in my feed- I really needed to hear about someone who ships incest.

Blockchains are the height of stupid. Why tf would I bother blocking people I don't know and whom, god willing, I will never interact with in any capacity.
Buddy the block button is there for people on my twitter page who have offended me personally, like advertisers; not some rando on a blacklist I've never encountered

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