how to unleash hell upon your enemies using the POWER OF SCIENCE!!

(Needing to fix a thing in an image description is still something I'll delete and redraft things for, so nyah)

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For everyone asking, it's the elephant toothpaste experiment from high school. Take a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and dump it into a mixture of potassium iodide and warm water.

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@InvaderXan Need any help performing such an experiment? :bunhdhalo:

@porsupah Perhaps when I have something I need... engulfed.

@InvaderXan you might also like watching #MarkRober's #WorldRecord attempt: (Mark Rober - World's Largest Devil's Toothpaste Explosion)

@InvaderXan Was that your chemistry set favorite? =:) I enjoyed it, but I think the snowglobe snow captivated me more. ^_^

@InvaderXan I feel like one of the problems under capitalism is that you can't release a big sticky inconvenient mess as an anarchist propaganda of the deed, because it's just going to cause more work for the class of people you're trying to free.

@MordecaiMartin @InvaderXan ...workers get treated like shit either way. And capitalist media blames anarchism for all of the things either way.

But if you'd do something like this, it would probably not be to be nice to workers (there are other ways to do that). And not to get good media coverage about anarchism (there's probably ways to do that, but that's luckily not my field).

But there are probably loads of good uses for stuff like this. That we might come up with if we're allowed to joke around with the idea.

@MordecaiMartin @InvaderXan Not if you help the cleaning crew unionize first and organize a strike that just so happens to coincide with the day this happens... ^_~

@InvaderXan Qu'est devenu le mec en haut à gauche, qui a mis un peu plus de temps que les autres à déguerpir ? Dissous par la trempette ? La France doit savoir !

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