Always remember, you do not need to tread on other people to stand up for yourself. If you can’t lift yourself up without also pushing others down, you should really try to find a different way.

It’s easy to see how this learned behaviour has become ingrained in society, because whiteness and maleness have been working together to push everyone else down for longer than any of us can remember. But everyone else does not need to follow that same behaviour.

Be better.

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Being part of a marginalised group does not make you immune to bigotry and discrimination. Gay people can still be transphobic. Trans people can still be anti-Black. BIPOC people can still be misogynist. POC can still be racist against other POC. Pushing each other down benefits no one but the oppressors.

Through empathy for each other, this can be fixed. Unlearn your biases. Remove the things which hold us apart.

Together, we are strong.

hell, you can be transphobic while being trans

i think that being aware of the possibility of being a bigot and being willing to work on that is an important thing, it's something i try to be aware of a lot

@aradinfinity @InvaderXan the thing about institutionalized oppression is that anyone can reproduce it whether or not they personally agree with it, and even if it harms them too.

But we don't have to accept that as how things have to be.

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