some personal boundaries 

Apparently I can't even sneeze around here without someone trying to give a lecture in my mentions. So I'm setting some boundaries. Cross them and expect to be blocked, muted, or just ignored.

🌵 I am under no obligation to reply to you.

🌵 Actually read what you're replying to. I'm sick of being deliberately misunderstood.

🌵 Don't DM me if we've barely even spoken before.

🌵 Don't write several unsolicited paragraphs to Explain™ something to me if I don't even know you.

🌵 If you need more than one post to make your point, I won't read it.

🌵 All bigots are blocked on sight. No racists, TERFs, homophobes, mysogynists, etc. This goes for science deniers too.

🌵 Don't be disgusting for lulz.

🌵 Don't be an asshole.

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