Today is Earth Overshoot Day.

Today, we used up all the resources which Earth can produce this year. The resources of Earth, used after this day, are unsustainable.

Today is only 64% of the way through the year.

We need to fix this.

And no, to be clear, the problem is not overpopulation because Earth is not overpopulated.

The problem is a handful of rich countries spending a century building a culture filled with cheap disposable commodities, powered by setting fire to irreplaceable resources and oppression of those more vulnerable. Because a few people decided it was profitable, and lots of others didn't argue because it was convenient.

The problem is that humans are greedy and wasteful, and we need to stop.

(I'll just provide a small correction: "western" civilization teaches humans to be greedy and wasteful

the essentializing humans as greedy has been used for generations to justify not doing anything about it :3)

completely agreed there UwU

@furkachi @InvaderXan Valid point. I just finished reading Braiding Sweetgrass and, yeah, c
apitalism needs to die so we can live.

@furkachi @InvaderXan So good. (I hope this isn't too Not All Humans...) But yeah. A refreshing take from other westerners saying the solution to our destroying our blue sphere is more "Eco"fascism.


@Hylyx @furkachi I mean, it is a little bit.

The point is not that greed or wastefulness are inherent human traits. They're not. This has been proven repeatedly, and societies would not have formed to begin with if this were true.

The point is that humans did this. We are humans. We can and must undo it.

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