A small reminder.

In ecology, biomass is a simple measure of how much there is of any type of living thing.

Earth contains 450 billion metric tons of plant biomass. By comparison, there's just a paltry 60 million tonnes of humans on Earth.

Humans think they own this world. But they don't.


Earth is basically a planet of plants and microbes with some fungi. Also some other stuff which probably doesn't matter very much. 🌍

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@InvaderXan That livestock block stands out a fair bit and invites questioning, especially as it's non-overlapping with the wild mammals block..

Though both being smaller than total virus or nematode mass is some good perspective to have

@InvaderXan Was expecting chickens and cows to be on the animal portion.

Edit: Oh, missed "livestock"

@InvaderXan Though much smaller than "plants" and "bacteria", "fungi" is still pretty big, both in terms of biomass and diversity. (there's a good "In Our Time" on Fungi: )

@InvaderXan according to that, there are 3.3 times more virus than humans, and 1200 times more bacteria than humans (by mass), which I find is somehow even funnier. Trees are heavy, virus and bacteria are mass-less at our scale

@a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 You’re so right. There are probably single varieties of bacteria which are more populous. Like, I bet there’s more lactobacillus than human on this planet!

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