You might be an Internet Ancient if you: 

• remember Netscape Navigator

• ever used any modem with a bandwidth of 28,8 or lower

• had an Early Adopter account on Livejournal

• witnessed the rise and fall of PhPBB

• witnessed the rise and fall of Napster

• used the web before Google existed

• ever used a dialup BBS site

• remember Gopher

• ever downloaded music as .mod files

• remember when about 90% of the web was made up of personal sites which were "under construction" and had pictures of people's cats on them

• remember when Yahoo was literally just a big list of websites

• know IRC commands

• have heard anyone unironically use the phrase "information superhighway"

• can recognise different bandwidth modems by what bleepy handshake sound they make

• have ever received one of those chain e-mails where you have to scroll through about a kilometre of forwarded headers only to find a "hilarious" vaguely lewd image and/or a banal list like this one


Google was founded in 1998. By the internet calendar, this is the year 0.

Years prior to this are known as BG, or Before Google. Years afterwards are known as AV, or Anno Vendi (which probably means something like Year of Advertising in Latin).

Humans went to the moon in the year 29 BG.

The code for Mastodon was first released in the year 18 AV.

@aza_leah @InvaderXan also, 1st of January is now the day after google was established. So it's skewed in our calendar

potentially pedantic 1/2 

@InvaderXan Regarding plausible translations for "advertising" in Latin, a word that comes pretty close is "praeconium", which according to Lewis & Short translates as "a publishing, celebrating, laudation, commendation", and relates with the practice of public criers (so "anno praeconiorum").

potentially pedantic 2/2 

@InvaderXan Probably also "anno artis vendendi", ("in the year of the craft of selling") given that "vendo" means both "sell" and publicize" in the context of sales. Unfortunately "anno vendi" means "to be sold in the year".

@InvaderXan I take this as a joke, and that you don't really wish to deify Google.

@InvaderXan and this just proves technological progression isn't a straight line. We should have gone to the fediverse BEFORE the moon smh it's screwing up all my graphs and curves dammit

@InvaderXan I prefer to think of it as the 8199th day of the Eternal September.

@InvaderXan I would say it'd be more accurate to set Year 0 as starting on March 12, 1989, which was when the web started to be a thing, and that was and still is the internet's "killer app"

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