You don’t get to condemn a musician for being a flat earther but support an author for being a TERF. They’re both promoting incorrect opinions over expert verified facts.

You don’t get to pick and choose what unscientific nonsense you condemn. If you’re going to dismiss things as “unscientific” then you need to dismiss all unscientific things.

Startling how many people are still using “but I learned this thing in biology lessons when I was 12” as an argument and believing it that to be sufficient. As if their school education taught them literally everything and nothing else is real.

@InvaderXan that's the kind of grasping argumentation you get when a person that believes they're not bigoted is invested in a bigotry-based worldview

"it _can't_ be that I'm evil, it's just *waves vaguely at a number of excuses*"


@suivran Yeah, I think you’re right. They try to use “facts” to justify their bigotry.

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