@InvaderXan that’s extremely good, gators/crocs are extremely good tbh. have you seen the vid going around of a gator knocking a cop out cold? it’s very good and I’ve watched it on loop too many times to count now lol

@maloki I was wondering if this was an established thing or if it was new.

Or, this being the internet, if it was a thing some rando just made up. Though the pictures seem to be real.

@InvaderXan it may be newish this year, but i've not heard it before that.

I'm not on facebook any more, so I'm very disconnected from Sweden, actually

@maloki @InvaderXan I saw it last year, maybe the year before that? It's not that widespread of a thing, more something that happened at a few protests and caught on among some.

Your translation is correct btw, but if I am to be nitpicky, we call these crocodiles, not alligators(though I am not sure on the distinction, is it geographical?), and iirc they were, as antifascist symbols, called 'kamrat krokodil'(comrade crocodile).

@Nyeajaea @maloki @InvaderXan The US and the Yangtze river have alligators, everyone else has crocodiles. They look the same to you and me, and they are both crocodilians, but they separated 55 million years ago, so they may be about as far apart historically and genetically as we are from tree shrews.

You're supposed to be able to see on the teeth whether it's a crocodile or an alligator. If you see teeth on the outside when the mouth is closed, it's a croc.

Not sure the toys are anatomically correct enough to be able to say they're clearly one or the other. 😀

the distinction between a crocodile and an alligator is, as far as i am aware, the way the jaws open; if there's muscle such that the base of the jaw forms a c, like in the art of the first image, it is a crocodile, and if the miscle is not that prominent so the base of the mouth is a < it is an alligator

@Pawdraig @InvaderXan Right? Hit us up if you want any UF (Home of the Florida Gators) fight songs lol.

As far as I know this happened once in 2017 at a counter-protest against nazis. It became a thing though and various jokes were made.
Though now with the international attention it has gotten a resurgence.
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