Google is the only place where they won't let you log in because you know your own password.

But what if I’m not good enough to have impostor syndrome...?

It’s true. Men are very bad at just being quiet and keeping to themselves.

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There's a very real possibility that we may be among the very first intelligent species to ever exist in this entire Universe.

Act like it.

What is a gender? A miserable little pile of social constructions.

Ok so I was able to redo the subtitles after I understood how the software worked better. This is a satire of Soap Operas called Le Coeur a ses Raisons :)

You know it's autumn when your bus stop is frosted over in the morning

"The exhaustion of autism is my biggest difficulty. It is not inherent in the autism itself, it is built out of how the world works. I know this, because when I am at home, in my routine and structure, in my safety and joy, I do not suffer with that soul-sapping tiredness."

Super comfy weather with rain, lightning and thunder. I'm spread out over a couch with some ice cream~~ (✯◡✯)

Slight food mention 

I've realized that depression meals are a step up from student meals from living with a few students. Makes me feel like the reasonable adult foodwise for once…

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