hygiene • Europe, I am disgusted with you 

A friend posted this on Instagram because she was horrified and now so am I, so I'm inflicting it on you too. The percentage of people who don't bother to wash their hands after using the toilet is appalling TBQH.

Worth noting too, that this is based on a survey, so these numbers are probably overestimates. Studies in the UK suggest that only a tenth of people who claim to wash their hands actually do!

That does it. I'm moving to Bosnia. Also, I'm never shaking hands in the Netherlands ever again.


hygiene • please wash your hands! 🧼 

There's also this set of comparison images taken under ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (UV-A specifically) doesn't actually show bacteria or viruses, but it does show things like bodily fluids which harbour them. Viruses can survive quite easily in these environments.

Basically, washing your hands for around 30 seconds with soap makes a dramatic difference compared with just a quick rinse and shake.

hygiene • coronavirus pandemic 

As an obligatory reminder, the point of hygiene isn't to stop the virus from spreading, but to slow its spread.

A friend in Italy was saying how there are hospitals there which are overwhelmed with patients right now. If that happens everywhere, it could be catastrophic.

Slowing the virus down will make the pandemic last longer, but it will also mean that everyone can receive the treatment they need and that means more people will make a full recovery.

hygiene • please wash your hands! 🧼 

@InvaderXan I want a light that shows me how disgusting I am.

hygiene • please wash your hands! 🧼 

@teslas_moustache No, believe me, you really don't 😂

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