It’s weird how they call themselves “gender critical” when all they do is uncritically enforce the gender binary

@ArtistMarciaX I just want to Jedi mind trick them into thinking about what they're doing for a change!

@InvaderXan What if they see 'critical' in the same way as in 'business critical', that is, without their active defensive action the whole gender structure would collapse!

@Stoori It’s reassuring to think that when the TERFs finally go away, the gender binary might collapse

@InvaderXan Yes, we surely need some bright and hopeful images of the future, like this one.

@Stoori Bright and hopeful images of the future are what I'm all about!


"Gender critical" should mean "doubting that gender is useful for anything" or something like that.

@InvaderXan when I first saw the label gender critical I got excited because I thought they were actually going to critisise gender structures or something.... It was so disappointing to find out what they actually meant :/

@Some_Person I know, right? I had the same reaction! Like, “Oh, there’s a movement to be critical of gender! That’s so— ...wait a minute.”

@InvaderXan ugh such a big disappointment :/ TERFs really love appropriating good words, radical feminist now means "conservative bigot" instead of something cooler.

@Some_Person Appropriating interesting things – or worse, culturally important things – is just what bigots do. TERFs use the same playbook as the rest of the fash. It’s just... ugggggggh

@InvaderXan gross! Kinda want an *actually* gender critical movement now where we critique the system of gender and what has been taught to us about gender by the sexist, cis normative society. That would be so much better.

@Some_Person The way I see it, that’s what feminism is supposed to be. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way, it seems

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