I need some catharsis today. Someone recommend me some angry music

@InvaderXan Diseases of England by the Indelicates doesn't really sound angry but it helps.

@InvaderXan Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device or Bikini Kill - Feels Blind, depending on the kind of anger.


Mussorgsky - Night on The Bare Mountain

Shostakovich had a lot of angry music. He was very bitter about life in the USSR. String Quartet No 8 in C Minor Movement II is a good example

Beethoven's Rage Over A Lost Penny is a piece about the everyday fury of small annoyances

Depends on the kind of catharsis...
Stuff that makes me angrier: Anti-Flag (e.g. "Digital Blackout" or "American Attraction") and Rage Against the Machine (e.g. " Take Back the Power").
Stuff that angry-motivates: L7 (e.g. "Fuel My Fire"), Lacuna Coil (e.g. " Nothing Stands In Our Way", "Die & Rise", or "Fire")
Stuff that is poppy-catharsis: She is We "Boomerang", & Dragonette "Darth Vader" & "Love Can't Touch Me Now" (but you all ready know this 😊 )

@thelibrarian Hmmm... Sounds like just the kind of thing I need right now. Also, I like that you have a taxonomy for this! But of course you do, you’re a librarian! 🖤

@InvaderXan Nothing wrong with the classics: early Nine Inch Nails. ^_^

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