@porsupah I know, right? I’ve been concerned about the forests after this summer, but this is getting scary!

@InvaderXan this is frightening. I knew about the Horse Chestnut, but didn't know Rowan/Mountain Ash were too.

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah, it makes me deeply anxious. Especially after all the injuries I saw in the forest trees over summer

@GwenfarsGarden @InvaderXan The article is a bit unclear, it says "most of almost 200 trees in the family that includes the rowan and mountain ash." The IUCN Red List however has Rowan and Mountain Ash as "Least Concern", i.e. they're OK. The IUCN Red List entry about the Horse Chestnut shows that the main concern is the severe threat to the native populations in the Balkans. The tree is non-native in much of Europe and the threat there is much lower.

@wim_v12e @GwenfarsGarden @InvaderXan

> most of almost 200 trees in the family that includes the rowan and mountain ash

Most of the almost 200 trees in a particular family {are threatened etc}. The family in question includes Rowan and Mountain Ash.

They've mashed two distinct facts together in an awkward way, from the sound of it.

@puffinus_puffinus @GwenfarsGarden @InvaderXan

That's right. It is still rather grim though: I had a look specifically at the Sorbus genus, there are 170 species and three quarters are under threat. A lot of them have always been very localised, so there were never many of them. I learned a lot of new names. My favourite must be "No Parking Tree" (Sorbus admonitor), only to be found in a small area of Exmoor.

@InvaderXan The horse Chestnut is listed!?! I have one of those trees.

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