My photo of the river from the train window got photobombed by another passing train, and I quite like the result!

@InvaderXan you unspeakably fortunate photographer, you

that is *amazing*, and you were there and ready at exactly the right millisecond to capture it. great work! 💜

Honestly, this was pure luck. I was surprised anything came out at all!

@InvaderXan sure, but it wouldn’t exist at all if you hadn’t been prepared for the possibility. certainly it was pure luck! pure luck that you made.

The beauty of photography is that technically this is true of every picture I’ve ever taken.

@InvaderXan a perfectly composed and focused mood with wonderful bokeh and just the right amount of shadow to accentuate the highlights

@InvaderXan That is a 1-in-a-million shot. Well done! It looks like the cover of a novel, but without all the Photoshopping. 😊

love it.
it's as if you opened a door to another universe with your camera.

@InvaderXan This is amazing, love it!
Yet another proof that luck usually finds you trying :)

I was so surprised when I saw the actual picture. I was totally expecting to just find some blurry garbage!

@InvaderXan you could probably make some good money on this image

You're actually not the first person who's suggested I should think about being a photographer.

Maybe I really should think about it...

@InvaderXan that's such a cool effect and I love it even more because it's an accident! reminded me of this (not as spectacular) photo I took in Switzerland last year.

There's something rather interesting about this effect of having a picture within a picture, don't you think?

@InvaderXan absolutely! one of my philosophy professors once held a lecture about the iconography of the Frame which was super interesting.

Oh, that does sound interesting! Can you tell me any more...?

@InvaderXan well his general idea was "the frame is the part of the picture that's telling you 'this is a picture'", kind of like the way quotation marks tell you it's a quotation

Hmmm... So an artist can play with that perception by creating frames within frames. Thinking about it, I've seen a few photographers do this kind of thing quite effectively...

Wow, if you had planned it it could not have been framed any better. The bridge is almost exactly in the middle of the passing trains window. Amazing!

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