My photo of the river from the train window got photobombed by another passing train, and I quite like the result!

@InvaderXan that's such a cool effect and I love it even more because it's an accident! reminded me of this (not as spectacular) photo I took in Switzerland last year.

There's something rather interesting about this effect of having a picture within a picture, don't you think?

@InvaderXan absolutely! one of my philosophy professors once held a lecture about the iconography of the Frame which was super interesting.


Oh, that does sound interesting! Can you tell me any more...?

@InvaderXan well his general idea was "the frame is the part of the picture that's telling you 'this is a picture'", kind of like the way quotation marks tell you it's a quotation

Hmmm... So an artist can play with that perception by creating frames within frames. Thinking about it, I've seen a few photographers do this kind of thing quite effectively...

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