Pholisma sonorae is a rare parasitic plant that grows in the Sonoran, Mojave, Colorado and Yuma deserts, where it lives inside sand dunes.

It lacks chlorophyll and gets nutrients by attaching to the roots of desert shrubs and plants. It gets water through the grayish scale-like leaves which cover its underground stem. Above ground, it looks kinda mushroom-like, and blooms with small violet flowers on bulbous caps.

Interestingly, this oddball is part of the forget-me-not family of plants!

@InvaderXan You could've told me that was a fungus and I would've believed you from the thumbnail. Dang, nature's weird and fascinating. :blobcatpopcorn:


Not so weird when you think about it. This plant lives underground like a fungus. Convergent evolution means it’ll find similar solutions to problems based on what’s easiest for it. Lots of subterranean parasitic plants look kinda fungussy when they show up above ground!

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